Amenities You Should Not Compromise on When Choosing a Motel

Simply because you are paying less for a motel doesn't mean that you should have a bad stay. Motels have come a long way with many defying old stereotypes of dirty rooms and less than upright guests.

Your stay at motels between Melbourne and Sydney can be just as comfortable as staying at a hotel. There are a few amenities you should not compromise on regardless of the price, if you want to enjoy a good night's rest.


You should never compromise your safety for whatever reason including low prices. Take note of the security features that the motel employs such as security cameras and the overall location of the motel. There is such a thing as overkill when it comes to security. If the receptionist or cashier is barricaded behind a bullet proof glass, you may want to reconsider your stay.


You can tell a lot about a motel by its parking provisions. At the very least, you should expect ample, secure parking that is easily accessible from the rooms in case you forget something. Some motels halfway Melbourne and Sydney offer individual garage spaces complete with protection from the elements. Consider how easy it is to drive in and out of the motel as well as whether there is enough room for your trailer if travelling with one.


A good motel takes care of the little things to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. 24 hour reception means that your needs are catered to at any time. In-room amenities such as microwaves, alarm clocks, radio, refrigerator and hair dryer help to make your stay that much more comfortable.


One stereotype about motels is that they are noisy. This is however rarely the case for higher-quality motels. Consider the spaces between rooms as this has a lot to do with the noise levels you experience. Additional features such as insulated ceilings go a long way in reducing noise from the street or other guests.

Quality of rooms

Lastly, a good Melbourne to Sydney motel should have a queen size bed to ensure that you are comfortable. An electric blanket is definitely an added bonus especially in the colder months. You should also be able to get a nonsmoking room if that is your preference. In addition to this, you should have functional heating and cooling in your room. Other nice touches include a toaster, cutlery and equipment to make coffee or tee. It goes without saying that the room should be clean and in overall good condition.

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