Be a Part of One of These Astonishing Festivities of Hyderabad

In case you fail to get hold on the cheap flights from Bangalore to Hyderabad India, then don't be disheartened. When you arrive in Hyderabad amidst all the magnificence and cheerfulness, the happy energy will take away every one of your anxiety and will showcase an absolute curious side of this Nizami city. So on the off chance that you have been a part of these festivals here, then it's an awesome chance to value a couple of memories, and if you haven't, then start organizing, mate!


The expression “Ugadi” has its root in the Sanskrit word “Yugadi”, that suggests 'begin of another Yuga or period'. This standard celebration is usually celebrated in the second half of March or at the outset of April. The understood legend connected with the celebration is that the Lord Brahma began production of the vast universe on the promising day of Ugadi or Chaitra suddha padhyami.


Hyderabad has an individuals of around 30 lakh Muslims, congregating them in Mecca Masjid of Hyderabad to offer supplications to God on Ramzan. Ramzan in like way called Id-ul-Fitr, is commended on the guideline day of tenth lunar month of Muslim calendar. This celebration is an exceptionally expected occasion of Islam beaus. Every one of the ways and parkways to Mecca Masjid-Charminar Complex remain nearby for development on Ramzan. Abids, SP Road, Sultan Bazars and a great deal of different markets stay swarmed for shopping. The shopping paths gleam with twinkling lights, changes and brain blowing standards to offer customers.


Bonalu is another society merriment, which is to an extraordinary degree prestigious in the Telangana locale. “Bonalu” is gotten from “Bhojanalu” which infers sustenance, which is offered to the Goddess. This to an extraordinary degree old custom is lauded with most convincing cheer and conscious vitality. It is commended amidst the month of 'Ashadh'. A striking highlight of the Bonalu merriment are the 'Ghatams' or decorated pots stacked with blossoms, which are carried on the heads by the ladies people in a parade. Cooked rice is in like way taken in to a great degree cleaned metal vessels or in earth pots decorated with neem leaves, which are gone on by ladies on their heads to the region goddess while the men join by playing drums.

Lumbini Festival

The festival of Lumbini is sorted out by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department in Hyderabad to highlight the remaining bits of knowledge of Buddhism in Hyderabad. This celebration is seen with most extraordinary duty by Buddha devotees. The celebration is perceived for 3 days from second Friday of December reliably. The celebration is sorted out at Nagarjuna Sagar, a champion amongst the most acclaimed spots to visit in Hyderabad, where enthusiasts from the whole way over the world come to pay affection to the legacy of this religion in Hyderabad.

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