Five Reasons to Visit The Abaco Islands

Visitors looking for unspoiled beauty, deserted islands, and welcoming people need to look no further than the Abacos. Every day can be as relaxing or as adventurous as required, with numerous sights and activities available, couple with stunning beaches and turquoise waters.

Beautiful Beaches

Abaco Islands

Blue Lagoon

For the ultimate white sand beach, with few visitors, the quiet solitude of Manjack Cay cannot be beaten. Accessible only by boat, this privately owned cay is wholly undeveloped and offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with sharks and stingrays. If something livelier is the order of the day, Ocean Beach, situated on the Eastern end of Abaco is sure to fit the bill. With a wide range of activities available including windsurfing, fishing, diving, and sailing, with beach bars, restaurants, and local entertainment. A visit to Treasure Cay is an absolute must, with its three and a half mile beach of stunning white sand plus all the facilities of the luxurious Bahama Beach Club on hand.

Friendly Fish

Abaco islands Sugar Wreck

Abaco islands Sugar Wreck

It would be a shame to visit the Abacos Islands and not explore the marine life, with friendly fish and stunning reefs waiting to be discovered. Suitable for beginners who prefer snorkeling from the beach, a visit to the Sea Gardens off Green Turtle Cay reveals a shallow inshore ref with a vast assortment of colorful fish and coral formations. More experienced divers will enjoy a visit to the Sugar Wreck, an old sailing ship that is home to snappers, parrotfish, and angelfish.

Romantic Resorts

Romantic Resorts

Fabulous luxury resorts catering for all needs can be found in abundance throughout the Abacos Islands, all set in stunning areas of natural beauty, making for a dream vacation. Set on “The Best Beach in the Caribbean” (Caribbean Travel and Life), the renowned Bahama Beach Club is an excellent choice for discerning guests and a popular wedding destination with the happy couple able to exchange their vows in a picture postcard setting.

Fabulous Food

Top Abaco Restaurants & Eats

Bahamian food is known throughout the world, and the Abacos Islands are the perfect choice to experience the fresh local fish and numerous conch dishes, prepared in a variety of ways. A must try is the national meal of conch salad, with every restaurant having its own version, served in a cup with a spoon, eaten as the locals do. The Bahamian national drink is the Goombay Smash and has its origins on the Abacos island of Green Turtle Cay, crafted with local rum, coconut and pineapple juice. Other favorite cocktails include the Tipsy Turtle, the Bahama Breeze, and the Reef Wreck. Beer drinkers are not forgotten with Kalik freely available in three different strengths.

Superb Sailing

Abaco islands Superb Sailing

Abaco islands Superb Sailing

Known as the boat building capital of the Bahamas, it comes as no surprise that sailing and island hopping are popular choices to add a change of scenery, visiting deserted beaches and lively resorts alike. A day trip on a ferry can be enjoyed by families keen to explore the destinations of Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay or Hope Town.

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