Best Things to do in Auckland

For those who like to take their vacation seriously with a variety of things to do and see, they may point their fingers to New Zealand. After all, this Oceania country offers everything to all kind of travelers, from the adventure enthusiast to the soul searching travelers and also to the specific travel groups, and we are just getting started. This country surrounded by the Pacific Ocean is divided into two islands, while the larger chunk remains in the south, the capital city Willington and the largest city Auckland oversees the northern island of New Zealand.

The city of Auckland is the largest in this island country, and it has its land filled with fantastic natural attractions, historical sites and city hotspots. In order to get to this fantastic city, you can quickly make an airline reservation and fly here. This city is beautiful all year round. Thanks to the pleasant climate, the natural hiking trails are often stomped by adventurers tracking every footprint of the hikers who visited before them. It’s not just the nature spots that entice travels to book flights to Auckland, it also has a kaleidoscope of sky-kissing buildings, lovely marketplaces, and quiet hideouts for those gloomy days.

Sky Tower – Get a bird’s eye view of the city

First, you’ve got to visit the city’s most iconic attraction if you are in Auckland. The sky tower is famous for being the ideal platform to get gorgeous view of the city. It offers a panoramic view of the city from every level, in fact, coming to Auckland and not visiting the Sky Tower is a no exception. Conveniently, it also has other entertaining places like casino which is located at the ground level of the tower. You can also find a variety of amazing amenities at the tower like revolving restaurants, and jaw-dropping activities. The two popular activities done here are the sky walking and ski jumping. If you find these activities too much to handle, you can always observe the city from the observation deck and sigh.

Waiheke Island – Get lost in the wilderness of nature

To experience a paradise away from the city humdrum you got to take a trip to Waiheke Island. Let’s just say that this island is the ultimate adventure destination equipped with amazing water and land sports activities. You get to try out heart racing sports like zip lining across the lovely green forest of Waiheke. Waiheke Island also has a number of hiking trails that pass some of the amazing spots where you can rekindle with nature. If the land activities become too much to handle, well, the waters welcome you with open arms, you can take your action-packed soul to the ocean. Here, you can indulge in various thrilling water activities such as jet skiing, and kayaking. It is a fun destination to come with family and friends. If you want to pass on the adventure activities, the island also has a recreational thing to do like vineyard tour. You can savor different wine and be a wine connoisseur even if it’s just or a day.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves – Discover limestone and glowworm caves

One of the must do here at Auckland is to take a tour of Waitomo Glowworm Caves. This spell-binding attraction is located over two hours from the city center, and it is worth the drive. It may be difficult to take a tour on your own because boats and other cave equipment’s are needed. However, the guided tour will take you deep inside the cave where different formations by limestone are seen. What makes the cave special is that the entire cave illuminates in the dark. It is not magical; instead, the glow is caused by the worms known as Arachnocampa Luminosa. This is a unique attraction, and while vacationing in Auckland, you must visit Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Besides, the glowworm cave you can explore different limestone caves like Ruakuri Cave and Aranui Cave.

Queen Street – For those shopaholics who just can’t get enough

Shopping is one of the must-dos while in a new destination. While for some it may be a hassle to shop, for maximum tourists, well, shopping comes with the ticket. In Auckland, Queen Street provides you with amazing trendy shops and quaint cafes. Every day, the streets are jam-packed with locals and tourists alike carrying bags from various shopping stores. This bustling shopping arcade in Auckland receives a lot of praises from the travelers where every individual can find something of their interest. It also has cheaper clothing stores where one can get a wide variety of likable items. The market is not only for clothing, but it also has other products. Once the shopping is completed, there are famous restaurants where you can unwind and dig in delicious meal.

One Tree Hill – Spend a quiet time up in the hill

As clam the name may sound, it is calmer when you get to the One Tree Hill. This beautiful oasis where one can find solace is located not far from the heart of the city. It is a peaceful refuge for the locals and even travelers to visit for a quick getaway. This parkland in Auckland is strikingly massive with well-planned paths, lovely rolling hills, green slopes, and beautiful meadows. Make sure to see the Volcanic cone, it is the best feature in the park located up the hilltop. Here, you will feel like you are in the beautiful countryside after seeing a number of cute sheep grazing around the vast park. Also, the memorial located in the park is dedicated to the Maori people. It is a stunning landmark you’ve got to see while here.

This mega city of New Zealand, Auckland may not be the capital city, but it sure is one of the most visited cities in this Oceanic country. You can get the best flight tickets to Auckland and breathe in fresh air, explore the ins and outs of the city attractions, drive off to the coastal parts or find a refuge where you can relax when the city sightseeing becomes too hectic. New Zealand is a beautiful country and Auckland an impressive city waiting for you to explore.

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