Best Tips For Booking Quality Hotel at Affordable Price

Book a night, it's easy, but book a night in a hotel and at a good price , it's not always easy …

Are you, too, it happened to you to book a hotel that you felt good, and when you got in the hotel room, you were disappointed? Personally, I have already experienced this bad experience during my trip to Rio. I booked one of the cheapest hotels in the city through a hotel reservation center. The vast majority of pictures put forward attractive rooms so I was pretty confident. Unfortunately, it was housed on the top floor, where the rooms were outdated. On the hotel's page, this photo was posted once and “hidden” by the photos of the beautiful rooms … Well, bad luck, but it taught me a lesson!

Here are some tips to find a cheap but good quality:

1 – Take the time to compare all the offers before making their reservation

Do not rush on the first hotel that appears on our screen but take the time to look the best to our needs. Some residential hotels “pay” sites like Booking or to show up on the results: we therefore see these hotels first, but this does not mean that they are the best offers

The ideal is to make a comparison between all the accommodation offered by their comfort (number of stars) to their geographical location (close or not downtown), their prices and services offered (breakfast -Lunch, leisure).

2. Watch the reviews from previous guests that have stayed at this accommodation

Inquire up to the hotel we spotted is a must before booking an overnight stay. For this, it is advisable to seek information on the web.

First, we can do a Google search by writing “opinion hotel ABC …” we certainly get valuable information. Finally, one can browse through travel blogs looking for any advice.

3. Make a reservation at the right time

Must book a hotel night in advance or is it better to choose a hotel on site, without having booked in advance? I personally prefer anticipate: I always reserve a few days or weeks before I left on vacation. If you go during peak tourist season, do not take the risk of ending up homeless once there, turn in your hotel stay in advance. And even if you travel outside of the high season, it is still best to book in advance, it will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

4. If slightly away from the tourist area where one wishes to reside or prevent you travel in high season

It is a small very interesting tip if you do not want to necessarily be housed in the city center. Finding a good hotel in the suburbs allows to benefit from lower prices and find an area of interest that you will be not had the opportunity to discover. Make sure however that the location of this hotel is not a brake on your trip

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