Biblical Tour To Jordan – What Not To Miss

Biblical Tour To Jordan
Biblical Tour To Jordan

If you are on a Biblical tour to Jordan, then some of the places that you can’t miss visiting are:


It’s perhaps one of the most wonderfully preserved ancient remains. It takes nearly 1 hour from Amman driving through the highway. Jerash used to be one of the most beautiful Greek cities in the era of Jesus & part of the Decapolis. Many concur this’s the city referred to in the tale of the prodigal son. The Jerash ruins can be walked easily in a couple of hours & it is tough to miss anything prominent. Some of the most notable sites to explore here are Hadrian’s Arch, Forum (Oval Plaza), Jerash Archaeological Museum and Temple of Artemis among others.

Biblical Tour To Jordan
Biblical Tour To Jordan


Known as the “City of Mosaics” Madaba is one of the oldest Christian cities in the world. Well-known for its remarkable Byzantine & Umayyad mosaics, Madaba is home to the popular sixty century Mosaic Map of Jerusalem & the Holy Land. With 2 million pieces of vibrantly colored local stone, it represents hills & valleys, towns and villages as far as the Nile Delta.

The Dead Sea:

No biblical tour to Jordan would be complete without a trip to the Dead Sea. Present in most of the biblical accounts, it’s an amazing & almost surreal place. Popular for its superlatives – saltiest, harshest, and lowest – the Dead Sea claims an interesting history, dating back to the era of Abraham. A trip to the famous Dead Sea would be worth it just for the opportunity to experience the renowned ”floating effect”, to drench yourself with the healing mud, and to witness the magnificent sights, but the impact of your trip increases ten times when you bring home the knowledge of its past.

Mount Nebo:

Located 6 miles west of the Roman Byzantine town of Madaba, Mount Nebo is perhaps one of the most valued sacred sites of Jordan. Drive down the same trail prophet Moses was prohibited to pass through by the King of Edom, and portrait yourself standing where prophet Moses was laid to rest, and where the late Pope John Paul II walks on his 1st pilgrimage of the millennium.

Also pay a trip to the Sanctuary at Mount Nebo: the monument of Moses, the alleged site of his bereavement & burial place, and a hub for pilgrimages since earliest Christian eras. You will be stirred by the biblical feel from start to end as you undergo this spiritual tour.


Also known as Umm Qais, Gadara is a Greco-Roman city evidently the site where Jesus marched, educated the people & executed some of his wonders. Besides the spiritual connections, Gadara is a beautiful place for any history lover to visit with its Roman and Greek influences tangled with an Ottoman village, plus exceptional sights over the Golan Heights, the Palestinian Plains and the Sea of Gallilee.

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