Boutique Hotels in Kandy – The Perfect Honeymoon Hideaway in Sri Lanka

Visitors to Sri Lanka will not be disappointed at the array of natural and historical attractions on offer and as a country steeped in history. Visitors are enthralled with architectural masterpieces that offer unique opportunities to encounter regal abodes and ancestral households which also allow a window into the lives of bygone epochs.

Sri Lanka's hill capital Kandy presents a scenic countryside setting making it the perfect getaway. Considered by many, a leisurely-paced urban city with much to offer visitors of all ages. Local culture and history, lush greenery and scenic attractions makes it a location for visitors around the year. The city is revered by Buddhists as it houses the sacred relic of the temple of the tooth.

Hotels in Kandy evoke colonial architecture and stunning landscapes. Most hotels in this city evoke beautiful gardens, landscapes, stunning lake views and authentic architectures allowing guests a throwback into older days. Guests have ample encounters of observing the charm and ceremony of life in the city. Accommodation is often inspired through panoramic views, elegantly furnished and traditional local fare on offer reminiscent of royal banquets.

Kandy too holds abundant sites of historical and archeological importance. Former royal households portraying the country's rich history embedded with a deep sense of tradition and culture are found this city. Some of these abodes have now been transformed into

boutique hotels in Kandy for those seeking solitude and romance. The lure and grandeur of renaissance craftsmanship together with modern amenities have transformed the boutique hotels into consummate venues of beauty and refinement. Timeless elements are merged with a sense of exclusivity, outstanding service and epicurean delights.

The country boasts of being a popular destination for guests celebrating their new life. Visitors seeking intimate and exclusive retreats will be spoilt for choice from the golden sandy beaches to the stunning tranquil landscapes creating the perfect setting for honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka.The Hill capital offers tranquil and private mansions which are not only unique in beauty and privacy but embraced for its peace and quiet making it the perfect honeymoon getaway and popular destination. The unspoiled location and the bliss of the hotels provide an inspiring setting to create lasting moments of life's special events.

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