Bucket List Travel- The Northern Lights in Canada

Few things are more awe-inspiring than watching the Northern Lights dance across the night sky. They are one of the most gorgeous and intricate natural phenomena on this earth, which makes seeing them in person an essential bullet point on any dedicated traveller’s bucket list. Such a wonder deserves to be viewed somewhere it can be properly appreciated – and the perfect destination for such a thing is Canada. Holidays to see the Northern Lights could be booked in any of Canada’s many provinces, but Churchill in Manitoba has been named one of the planet’s top three spots to marvel at them.

The Nuance of the Northern Lights

The dazzling hues that flit across the sky known the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are a result of various kinds of gas particles in the atmosphere running into one another, the visual conclusion of which is the gorgeous colour display seen by the human eye. Most commonly they appear as shades of yellowish-green, although red, blue, and purplish-red sometimes show themselves as well. The phenomenon can be viewed in both the northern and southern hemisphere (and have even occasionally been spotted in unusual places such as Miami, Florida or Greece). However, it is widely agreed upon that some of the places that will give you the best look at them are Russia, Alaska and Canada. Holidays to see them don’t have to take you all the way to Siberia, not when Northern America has the ideal viewing platform.

Churchill, Leader of the Lights

Churchill, the ideal place to witness the Aurora Borealis, boasts ownership of the aptly named Aurora Domes. These plexiglass-covered structures, which look much like bubbles, form a clear, igloo-esque enclosure around you. They are situated in a remote location about a twenty-minute drive from Churchill. As the Aurora Borealis is best seen when the sky is clear and pitch black, being this far away from civilisation reduces any chances of light pollution. This makes the Aurora Dome an easy, comfortable and warm spot to gaze up into the night sky to watch nature’s spectacular and astounding show. Viewings start at around eight or nine in the evening, and visitors often stay until two or three in the morning.

There are a plethora of activities to do while visiting Canada. Holidays that include an excursion to see the Northern Lights, whether booked specifically to cross a lifelong dream off a bucket list or just as a delightful detour, have always been a popular choice, especially among those with a yen for nature, travelling and unrivalled beauty. Intrepid explorers are innately aware that seeing the Lights through a computer monitor or television screen have no chance of doing the real thing even the slightest bit of justice. To truly know the Aurora Borealis, they should be watched in an isolated Canadian wilderness, lying on your back, gazing up at the wondrous colours filling the sky.

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