Bus Passenger Information Signs

A passenger information system (PIS) is an automated system for supplying users of public transport with information about the nature and state of a public transport service, through visual, voice or other media.

Such passenger information system could be…

Static or schedule information, which changes only occasionally and is primarily used for journey planning. This is available in printed form through route network maps and timetable books.

Real time information is derived from automatic vehicle location systems (a way of automatically determining and transmitting the geographic location of a vehicle. It collects data from one or more vehicles) and changes continuously as a result of real-world events.

This is used during the course of a journey (hence real time) to inform how close the service is running to the time, when it is due at a stop, and also incidents that affect service operations, platform changes etc.

Bus passenger information or Bus signs are a type of a type of passenger information system used in buses.

Following are the different types of Bus Signs…

Nest Stop Displays

Gives information on the forthcoming stop to the passenger on the board inside

the bus. The system is installed inside the bus and the visual format is monochromatic or multicolor. This can have the audio announcements for the visually challenged passengers.

The display panel could be LED or high definition LCD-TFT for better visual clarity and maximum font size. It comes with inbuilt GPS Wi-Fi / Bluetooth support.

Bus Shelter Display

This is the display system for the passengers boarding from the bus station. Bus schedule and information like ticket fares and news feeds can be displayed. Comes as LED or high definition display boards and can be custom made.

Such shelter displays are also used for other purposes like advertisements, news or putting up

any important notice helpful to passengers. These can be installed in walls, polls or in

the ceiling. They can even play animated videos and has facilities of WiFi / Bluetooth and real-time data transfer.

Bus Destination Display Systems

These are mounted in front on the sides and back as well. They provide the bus schedule like ETA, ETD to the passenger waiting to board.

These can be of LED or high-resolution LCD-TFT with automatic brightness control systems and different types of font size settings and audio announcement facility.

Such systems are all weather durable, theft and waterproof and come with inbuilt battery back-up and available in fixed, scroll and alternate modes.

Bus Stop / Shelter Displays

This gives bus schedules at each bus stop. These can be mounted on walls, poles or ceilings. These can also be used for multi purposes like putting up advertisements, news feed or notices that passengers can use. They come with Wifi / GPS and Blue Tooth facilities.

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