Changes to the Current Flight Delay Compensation Rules are Opposed by Passengers’ Alliance

You can choose to cancel your reservation and be eligible for a refund of your ticket and for the untravelled part of the trip made if the delay suggests your flight no longer serves a function to your original itinerary. If you qualify for European flight delay compensation, Jet2's online air travel delay software can inform you of the amount you are eligible to claim.

It in turn means if you had a delayed or re-routed flight within the previous six years, the airline might owe you up to EUR600 per person travelling. This applies even if the delay was due to technical issues and also includes any extra expenses you might have been required to pay due to the delay. Countless pounds might be owed to your family and travel companions, regardless of it being a business journey or a trip with friends as long as your flight was not delayed thanks to extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather, civil unrest or bird strikes.

In the case of a delay, airlines will do their utmost best to ensure the delay is as short as possible. In the case of a hold-up lasting longer than six hours, meals will be on offer, with longer delays beyond 12 hours, accommodation and meals will be provided to the passengers. Airlines not appropriating payout to their customers who might have been postponed might miss out on large sums of air travel delay compensation. Air travel delay data highlights over 3 million travellers in 2014 taking flights in and out of the UK could be eligible for compensation via delayed flights.

In terms of flights being delayed longer than three hours, passengers qualify for a compensation of around EUR600. Free beverages are also provided. Passengers should seek legal representation in such cases taking the airline to court, knowing they have a good case to win. Passengers should keep in mind they might be asked in court the circumstances under which they are making a claim and the evidence they have to support their case. In basic terms if your flight was postponed longer than three hours, you may assert an amount of cash in flight payment. You can assert EUR400 for flights crossing 1500 km within the EU, between 1500 km and 3500 km to a destination lying outside the EU. If your total distance for the flight exceeded 3500 km you could be entitled to a total sum of EUR600.

Passengers must note if the airline can produce evidence showing extra conditions prevented the flight from taking off they could be exempted from paying the compensation. Not considering extraordinary conditions, legal processes cover cancelled air travels as well as over bookings and missed connections.

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