Digging For Gold in Ethiopia With Excavators

Recently, a garbage dumpsite near Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia collapsed killing more than a 100 people living nearby. This landfill site had been used for more than 50 years as a dump for garbage generated in the city of Addis Ababa. Dumping, which had stopped on this landfill site, had restarted recently when efforts to start a new site came to naught. Excavators were used to digging into the debris and to move earth as rescue personnel worked hard to find people buried under the landslide.

Excavators: Excavators or Diggers have been used for digging work for ages. Its capacity to dig earth in huge quantities makes it useful for any and every industry where huge digging quickly is required. This includes construction, forestry, and landscaping, mining, river dredging and snowplowing. The modern hydraulic excavators provide capabilities far beyond just excavation tasks by using hydraulic powered attachments such as a breaker, a grapple or an auger. The uses become even more varied with different attachments. One of the world-renowned excavators used in sites all around the world is CASE Excavators. Case Excavators provide superior power and increased durability with more comfort and control. There are different sizes of products, namely mini excavators, midi and full-size excavators based on the intended use of the product.SMAG Ethiopia is the principal agency for sale of Case excavators in Ethiopia.

CRAWLER Excavators: A crawler excavator is a tracked excavator, classified by its mode of locomotion. These excavators are related to tracked tanks used by armies and move upon the same rotating wheel systems. They retain the ability to dig, pick and transport excavated materials as they proceed but in addition, they can traverse any terrain and go anywhere. The rotating wheel systems provide an extra element of stability to these heavy machines. The advantages of using crawler excavators for the construction or road laying industry in Ethiopia are immense.

Opportunities in Ethiopia: In a country like Ethiopia where construction is powering nation's economic recovery, there are many opportunities for the sale of excavators. The building sector has seen double-digit growth with major activity taking place throughout the nation, in both residential and commercial areas. There is also a boom in the road building activity in the country after the government issued a policy to prioritize the transportation sector. However, one of the hindrances in developing the highlands and other interior regions is the uneven terrain and of varying composition of the soil in these regions. Projects on such terrain provide immense opportunities for the sale of Case excavators in Ethiopia in sectors like construction, road building, agriculture etc.

SMAG Ethiopia: Saeed Mohammed Al Ghandi and Sons (SMAG), with an experience of over 50 years, is a strategic player in the distribution of Case excavators and parts in the Middle East and East Africa region. SMAG Ethiopia, the representative office in Ethiopia, services the growing market in Ethiopia. The SMAG Ethiopia office based at Nega City Mall, Addis Ababa supports sales, technical & parts staff with access to an extensive distribution center located in the UAE; all of which is ISO 9001 accredited. More information about the products and services provided is available at

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