Dog Walking Around Ullswater

Dog Walking Around Ullswater

The Lake District provides some of the most breathtaking scenery in England, with the mix of fells and lakes offering a stunning array of vistas and views. One of the most popular destinations is around Ullswater, in the east of the Lake District. Often called England's most beautiful lake, and framed by Helvellyn in the west and Place Fell and High Street in the east, Ullswater is a great place for walking, both for you and your dog. The great thing about the area or dog walkers is that much of the countryside is open fell, owned mainly by the National Trust, and so you and your pet are free to roam wild.

Remember to Stay in Control of your pet!

Whilst the area offers ample opportunity to walk your dog off the lead please make sure that you keep your pet under control at all times. There are literally thousands of sheep grazing on the fells and you should take especial care during the lambing season which runs from March to May. Also watch out for cows that graze from the spring until the autumn often on the open fell. The trick with cows is to be confident and keep walking – never stop or back away! If you let your dog off the lead they will usually find a way around the cows and rejoin you further along the path. Finally Ullswater is home to many roe and red deer, especially on the eastern side of the valley. If you're lucky enough to be there in the autumn listen out for the male stags rutting calls!

Here are 5 top walks to consider. All the distances are measured from a starting point in Patterdale at the southern end of Ullswater. All these walks can be easily identified on the Ordnance Survey OL5 explorer map.

Angle Tarn – 5 miles – Moderate

Angle Tarn is a magical spot to the south east of Ullswater. It is easily accessible via main path to Boredale Hause above Patterdale. The light on the water has an almost magical quality and every time you go there it looks more beautiful! There are often Canadian Geese on the tarn and this can provide another welcome distraction for your dog! You can either return via the lower path or come back over the Angle Tarn Pikes, from the top of which you get some great views north towards Ullswater and South towards Brotherswater and Kirkstone.

Silver Point walk – 3.8 miles – Easy to Moderate

Silver point is on the eastern side of Ullswater opposite Glenridding. It can be reached either by a low level path through Side Farm and along the Lake Shore or via a higher path. It is a beautiful walk at any time of day but especially in the afternoons with the sun shining down on, and offers simply stunning views all the way along down to Ullswater and across the lake to Helvellyn and her surrounding fells. Make sure you take the time to go to the “beach” at Silver Point – an ideal for a picnic in the summer, and dog paddling at all times of the year!

Helvellyn – 7.5 miles – Moderate to Hard

Helvellyn is England's third highest mountain, and is the “must do” walk for anyone staying in the area. There are various routes up directly from Patterdale, with the most popular being the ascent via the Grisedale Valley, to “Hole in the Wall”, along the famous Striding Edge to the summit, and then back down via Swirral Edge and Red Tarn and down to Glenridding and Patterdale. As you ascend to Hole in the Wall don't forget to look behind you as the views across to High Street are fantastic. Please be careful on Striding Edge itself – there is a path on the north side of the ridge. Red Tarn will provide a welcome spot for swimming for your dog – and even you if you can brave the cold!

Place Fell – 5 miles – Moderate to Hard

Place Fell is on the eastern side of Ullswater. The usual ascent is from Patterdale via Boredale Hause. The path has recently been improved and so (although steep) provides firm footing all the way to the summit ridge. This ridge also provides various peat bog pools, which can be ideal wallowing pools for your dog. Be warned that the summit can be a little blowy when the wind is up and again is a popular spot for grazing sheep! You can then descend either the same way of come down Kilbert How or even down towards Howtown – with the option of taking the famous Ullswater Steamer (also pet friendly) back to Glenridding.

Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk – 30 Miles – 10,000 Feet of Ascent – Very Hard

For those of you looking for a more extreme walk, then the annual Boundary Walk will certainly fit the bill. The event is organised on the first Saturday of July every year to raise money for the local school and church. It covers 30 miles and involves 10,000 feet of ascent with over 24 fells tops, including Helvellyn and Place Fell. Of course you can attempt the route at any time of the year. The start is at Glencoyne Bay on the western side of Ullswater and goes via Helvellyn to the top of Kirkstone pass (the half way point) across to High Street and back to Patterdale via Place Fell. If you are interested in the walk then you and your pet would be very welcome. Full details can be found on the Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk website.

Hopefully this article would have inspired you to visit the area around Ullswater. To make it even more appealing to you and your pets then the local pub, The White Lion, and even the local village store and post office are all exceptionally pet friendly. There are also a great range of pet friendly Lake District cottages available in the area.

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