Exceptional Grand Canyon Deluxe Helicopter Tours

Riding in Grand Canyon helicopters are the best way to experience the majestic beauty of the National Park. When you want to supercharge the experience, air tours are the best choice. These trips offer higher quality aircrafts and the level of service is superior to the basic tours.

These helicopter rides come from Las Vegas in Nevada and the South Rim in Arizona. Arizona's originating city is the Tusayan area, near the main gates of the park. Deluxe flights are available almost hourly from 7 AM until 5 PM. These flights go 364 days a year. Only closing for Christmas Day.

Las Vegas

Vegas helicopters will fly to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. There are two tour types for this: landing and air only. Air only tours will just take you over the Canyon and come back. Landing tours will go to the top or the bottom of the Canyon. My preference is the landing tours, since you do get to experience the Canyon from the air and the ground.

Perhaps the best tour is the one that goes to the base of the Canyon and features a Champagne picnic. If you are an adventurous type, you can upgrade the package to include a boat ride on the Colorado River. You can also find VIP tickets for the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This tour is the 4 in 1 and it sells out on a regular basis.

For the Deluxe Vegas air tours, you'll ride in an EcoStar 130. This is 25% larger than other helicopters that handle these air tours. These Grand Canyon helicopters feature a large cabin that offers stadium styled bucket seats. The front window is a 180-degree wraparound windshield that offers breathtaking panoramic views. With their aerodynamic design, you'll have the smoothest ride possible in the air. Best of all, there is minimal noise thanks to the whisper ride rotors.

The price for the deluxe tours include all your taxes and fees. More importantly, they also include limousine service from your hotel. They will also extend the tour over the Las Vegas Strip. They will begin at the Stratosphere Tower which is near the north end of Mandalay Bay. When possible, book the flight at the end of the day so you can experience the Canyon and see Vegas at night with all the lights on.

South Rim

Deluxe helicopter rides are also found at the South Rim. These upgraded tours are available for the 30 minute and 50 minute packages. Both use the EcoStar 130 as mentioned earlier. Guests will need to arrange their transportation to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. At the South Rim, you cannot reach the bottom of the Rim, as helicopters are prohibited from landing at the base in this section of the park.

On the 30-minute tour, you have a flight that will take you from the South Rim of the Canyon to the North Rim. It will then head back and go along the Dragoon Corridor. That is the deepest and widest section of the Grand Canyon. For the 50-minute deluxe ride, which is the better value, you have all the features of the shorter flight. Plus you'll be taken so you can see everything up to the east boundary of the park. By the time, you have completed the 50-minute tour, you'll have seen about 75% of the Park.

For these tours, the deluxe packages are in very high demand. I would strongly recommend you book your flight at least two weeks before your desired flight. If you really want to be certain you'll have the flight you want, I would suggest you book your tour as soon as you book your hotel. It is important to note that you shouldn't secure your flight 72 hours before your scheduled flight time. Not only will you pay more for the flight, but you may find they don't have enough seats available or are sold out. This is especially common in the peak season.

That is all you need to know about the Deluxe Grand Canyon tours. Take one and I'm certain that you'll have the experience of a lifetime.

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