Explore the Unfamiliar Side of Paros, Greece


Have you been to Paros? The most famous villages of Paros are Naoussa and Parikia. But other than these two lovely villages, do you know where else to go? Get to know the other best villages in Paros! Don't worry, we'll be the one to you around the island. We'll let you know of where to go for this sight and where to go for the best food. Once you're done reading this article, for sure, you'll be fascinated to travel by your own. As they always tell us, don't be a tourist and embrace the local life. In a place where you don't know nothing about, exploring it won't let you lose anything, anyway. Are you ready to see the rest of Paros, Greece? Oh, we are too!

Let's go for a quick adventure to the villages of Paros.


Parikia is also known as the Town of Paros where the main harbour is located. There are many taverns, restaurants, and nightclubs that line the coastline. One of the best features of Parikia is the little town of Kastro. At this area, you'd be able to see the traditional houses of the locals. White cubic buildings accented with summer colors of windows and flowering gardens. There are Paros hotels along the way too. Each design of Paros apartments are patterned to the traditional Cycladic architecture. Another interesting site that is worth checking out is the oldest Byzantine church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani. It is also known as the Our Lady of the Hundred Gates.


Visit Lefkes town if you want to be separated from the crowd in Parikia. It's only 11km from Parikia. Lefkes used to be the main town of Paros. Since it's one of the least visited towns in Paros, this maintained the genuineness of Lefkes. If you are an avid fan of trekking, you can found the famous Byzantine Road in this village. It's one of the best suggested activities when in Paros.


Flowered alleys, blue doors, small churches, arched passages build a charming village called Padromos. When you're in Naoussa, the fishing village, you can hop to Padromos village directly. It's only 7km away from Naoussa proper. When you get there,try the local cafeterias and taverns for a quick bite. Then head to the popular Agios Ioannis Padromos which is decorated with ancient icons and relics found in the island.


Naoussa is the iconic fishing capital of Paros. This is the best place in Paros where you can commit 100% of your time to beach and restaurant hopping. Being known as the fishing capital, you can order fresh seafood from local taverns. One of the best ways to maximize your vacation in Naoussa, is to stay at the Kalypso Hotel in Paros. Why? It will give you more than what you ask. Enjoy their complete facilities at an affordable price. What more can you ask? Another bonus why you should pick the Kalypso Hotel is that the Agioi Anargyroi beach lies in front of it. The best beach in Paros is just a few walk away, literally!

Enjoy your summer times and holidays by visiting these villages we have on the list!

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