Fantastic Ways to Kick Off The Summer – Things to do in Honolulu in May

May is a great time to visit Oahu and the Waikiki area as there are lots of fantastic ways to kick off the summer as well as celebrate Mother's Day. Here are more events that might interest you and make your Hawaii family vacation truly unforgettable.

The Lei Day Celebration takes place on May Day, May 1, at the beautiful Kapiolani Park, including lei-making competitions and demonstrations, crafts, food, hula and live music.

The Parade of Farms in May provides tours to local farms and agribusinesses to experience a behind-the-scenes look into local agriculture and products.

Mele Mei

Mele Mei is the celebration of Hawaii's music, hula and culture. Music and hula events are held from April through June at various hotels, venues, on the beach and statewide. From ukulele to steel guitar, traditional Hawaiian music to slack key, island reggae to rock-and everything in between, Mele Mei has something for everyone.

Royal Hawaiian Band At Iolani Palace and Kapiolani Bandstand

Concerts are taking place every Friday in May. Founded in 1836 by King Kamehameha III, it is the only band in the United States with a royal legacy. With cultural roots dating back to the time of the Hawaiian monarchy, the mission of the Royal Hawaiian Band is to promote and foster music, both current and historic, to preserve the Hawaiian musical culture, inspire young musicians and ultimately enrich the lives of the people and visitors of Hawaii.

50th State Fair

It's just not a Hawaiian summer without a family trip to the 50th State Fair. Opening at Aloha Stadium, the event offers six weekends of rides, games, special attractions and “my diet starts tomorrow” carnival eats. Along with the return of Techno Power and Speed, E.K. Fernandez will debut three brand-new, heart-pounding rides: Zero Gravity, Rockin' Tug and Black Out (starting on June 15). The Anastasini Circus, led by ring master Giovanni Anastasini, will also make its Honolulu debut at the fair. Anastasini is an eighth-generation member of the world-renowned Anastasini circus family, and his eclectic group of daredevil motorcyclists, graceful wire-walkers and gravity-defying acrobats will keep your jaws dropped and your hands clapping.

Kuhio Beach Hula Show

This free hour-long authentic Hawaiian hula show opens with torch lighting and traditional blowing of the conch shell.

Hula Girl Festival

The Annual Hula Girl Festival on May 27 invites na halau and hula companies from all over the world to Waikiki to celebrate hula and the people who make hula happen. The four day festival features live performances with Hawaiian musicians and hula dancers at the Waikiki Beach Walk and throughout the area including a few local Hawaiian nightclubs for a kanikapila experience.

Lantern Floating Hawaii

As the waters of the Pacific merge with all oceans to touch every shore around the globe, remembrances for those who laid a foundation for our lives, and a collective vow to work toward a harmonious and peaceful world are sent out from Hawaii. Beautiful, heart-taking ceremony takes place on May 28.

On Memorial Day, tens of thousands gather at Ala Moana Beach to honor the fallen, feel a connection with loved ones who have passed, and to remember all beings that have existed over time immemorial. Prayers include those who died in all conflicts and wars, in natural or man-made disasters, and accidents, famine or disease. Lanterns inspire hope, courage and determination in participants and viewers from around the world. Over 6,000 lanterns will be floated.

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