Find Out What Lies Beyond The Theme Parks in Orlando

When in Orlando you would be forgiven for never leaving the confines of its many amazing theme parks. But if you do venture out, you will discover a side of Orlando that's loved by locals, offering a refreshing escape from the excitement of Disney. Away from the theme parks, Orlando has a lot to offer – zoos and wildlife reserves, a solid urban food scene, museums, art galleries, farms, parks, gardens, and not forgetting the historic Kennedy Space Centre. Contact Brightsun Travel about exciting Orlando cheap flights offers all year round and enjoy Walt Disney World, plus a whole lot more.

Orlando Wetlands Park

The Orlando Wetlands Park wildlife reserve is home to a range of wildlife, including gators, deer and several species of birds. There are also plenty of lakes and woodlands to enjoy a picnic or family BBQ.

Orlando Museum of Art

In downtown Orlando, the Orlando Museum of Art showcases a range of local artworks, and a hive of activity in the city, regularly holds exciting food and music events.

Kennedy Space Centre

In less than an hour's drive from the city, you will reach the historic Kennedy Space Centre, NASA's launch complex, with sights including an astronaut hall of fame.


Orlando is perhaps most famously known for its gator farms, and Gatorland is a good option to see hundreds of gators up close, and a great day out for all the family.

Orlando Watersports Complex

Orlando is a city that loves its wakeboarding. Head to the Orlando Watersports Complex and you could take wakeboarding lessons – think snowboarding on the water – from a professional instructor.

Winter Park

In the Winter Park you'll find the city's best restaurants, cafes and delis, plus the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, with collections of Louis Comfort Tiffany art.

Mennello Museum of American Art

The Mennello Museum of American Art sits on the lakeside, offering regularly changing exhibitions that feature, among others, pop art and folk art by national and local artists.

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