Five Beautiful Cities For Traveling Alone


Are you a single? There must have some special places where you want to travel alone. If you have the spirit of risk, just bring your backpack and go. Without a guide and convenient bus, without introduction and shopping, just travel with yourself freely. You will find that travel alone is a nice choice.

1. Columbia
Due to a mix of urban modernity and the sense of history of the colonial period, the Caribbean coast city of Cartagena attracts a large number of tourists. The tourists who have been to there said, it seems that the tourism here just starts, but this does not affect the independent visitors to enjoy the culture and the joyful atmosphere of the town.

2. Damascus
Coming into Damascus, the tourists must feel that they have come into the ancient times. It is the capital of Syria which is one of the world's most ancient cities. Although the store shelves are stocked with modern commodities, the winding street in the city is full of ancient flavor and atmosphere. What's more, the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus is also the world's most ancient and largest mosque.

3. Berlin
Compared with other European cities, if you choose to travel to Berlin, the travel costs will be relatively low.
East Germany's layout is relatively close which is full of the World War II and the Cold War characteristics. However, recent years' development has added some other features. After the Berlin Wall was torn down, the estate prices in the area is sharply declined. Many experimental art shops, cafes, bars and clubs are built up which establish a new regional style and Pioneer models.

4. Senegal
If you want to know Africa, you should go to that place. My suggestion for people who have Africa dreams is that you should take Senegal as the entrance of your Africa trip. Dakar, the capital, is a lively city with splendid nightlife. Here, you'd better speak French. As a tourist, you can not only appreciate the cultures, but also can enjoy the beautiful scenery and pleasant beach in Senegal. Visitors can choose the entertainment activities such as voyage, diving, fishing, surfing and so on.

5. Sardinia
Every year, a lot of tourists crowd into Italy. In the travel season, all the islands in Italy will be crowded. In addition to the famous Sicily Island, Sardinia is also located in the west coast of Italy. This small island is connected to the Corsica Island in the south of France. The Sardinia is easy for tourists to go hiking. The water surrounded geographical environment also makes it a good place for kayaking and scuba diving. However, the public transport is not perfect and the metropolis travelers may be disoriented. What's more, the locals do not speak English.

You may have other wonderful places to go travel alone. No matter where you go, when you take your peaceful mind and free heart, you will enjoy yourself in the broad world. If you like, you can also record what you see and what you meet into a video. That will be your precious memory. To know how to convert mpg to mov mac, this professional mac mpg to mov converter will help you a lot.

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