Five Surprising Things To Do In A Mountain Town

table mountain
table mountain

Though you may not admit it, when you hear the words ‘mountain town’, you’re probably thinking log cabins, raccoon-pelt hats, long rifles, and banjos. You might also think of state food, lots of axe use, growing a beard, and a lot of “hollerin'” going on. There doesn’t seem to be too many endearing qualities you might associate with a mountain town, and that’s just too bad. If only you’d get past the silly stuff, you’d realize that a mountain town has quite a bit more to offer than you once thought.

Sure, you could do the usual stuff like hiking, fishing, and skiing. That description might fit the bill, but mountain towns know they need more than just outdoors tours to bring in the tourism.

table mountain
table mountain

Here are a few things to do in a mountain town that might surprise you:

Yearly Festivals and Events – Going on a trip means getting a chance to see & experience stuff you normally wouldn’t. Enjoy yearly events & festivals to the area that celebrate the arts, local cuisine, hobbyists if all kind, and even seasonal celebrations.

Fine Dining and Family-Friendly Meal Options – No, you don’t have to rely on what you catch or hunt to eat a meal. You’re in luck as mountain towns are quickly becoming known for having some of the best fine dining around. Don’t worry, though, as kids are certainly top of mind, with plenty of places to eat that’ll keep the kids happy.

Total Body Relaxation – Of course, what retreat would be complete without access to some great spa treatments? After some serious outdoors activities, you’re bound to have a few aches and pains. Being able to take in a nice spa adventure is a pretty sweet way of curing what ails you.

History Buffs Unite – Mountain towns have histories that date back at least a century, during which they made their mark on the area as mining towns or checkpoints to the uncharted western United States. While many mountain towns have stripped away their somewhat less-than-illustrious origins, many have embraced where they came from. This is especially nice for visitors who love history & seeing what life was like before modern amenities.

Shopping – Of course, what trip would be complete without some shopping? Mountain towns usually count tourism as their biggest industry. As such, they’ve streamlined over the years to provide a wide array of modern perks for visitors. Being able to have some amazing retail therapy when you’re on a vacation makes the world make sense.

It’s easy to discount just about anything as something uncool, and a mountain town certainly would fall in that category. But if you’re able to get past your skewed views and assumptions, you’d come to realize that a mountain town getaway may just be what the doctor ordered for you and your family. After all, a little change from the norm isn’t always a bad thing.

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