Five Things You Need To See At The Space Center in Houston

Space Center in Houston

In the large and great state of Texas there are more than enough places to visit and sites to see. Each have their own unique towns filled with wonderful people and historic pasts. There are prairies in the North and West, and oceans near the every sprawling Houston Bay area near Kemah, Texas. With so many beautiful sites and wonderful locals to visit, it can be difficult to decide on places to stay and things to do. However, if you are into space and science, there is only one destination that you must put on your to do list that will keep you excited from start to finish. Here are five things you need to see at the Space Center Houston.

1. Historic Spacecraft

Space Center in Houston

There are more than enough things to take a look at and to enjoy at the center. From futuristic technology that will get your imagination going, to older technology that was futuristic at the time this Smithsonian-affiliated museum is run independently as a non-profit. There are robots, previous models and proto-types of spacecraft, current vehicles, and much more. Check out new spacesuit designs, space exploration vehicles and various inventions that have made our exploration of space possible in the first place.

2. The Space Center Complex

With 100 or so buildings including tourist centers, research centers, ground control, astronaut training, and more, it is easy to understand why this complex houses over 3,000 works and over 100 real astronauts. Tourists flock to this space center when they visit Texas to get a look at this historic spot. Many more scientists and researchers visit themselves to gain insight into various ongoing scientific matters that include; space exploration, atmospheric information, and even consultations with the entertainment industry regarding movie studios and filming. The main campus has many different buildings which rotate in their availability to the public. This makes each trip to the center unique and enjoyable.

3. Space Capsules

The space capsules are a very important part of space exploration. Without them, astronauts would not be able to make it back through earths atmosphere without being incinerated. The technological know-how that is needed to make a functional space capsule is very fascinating for those who are into science and space exploration. You can view the capsules for Apollo 17, Gemini 5, and Orion as well as take a tour and view various exhibitions that explain the trials NASA scientists went through designing and testing each capsule.

Space Center in Houston

4. Natural Buoyancy Lab

Quite a distance away from the main center, the Natural buoyancy lab at the Sonny Carter Training Facility is a great spot to see if you can catch it while it is open. It houses a large pool that is used to train astronauts to be prepared for the effects of zero gravity. By wearing sutis that equal the weight of the surrounding water they are submerged in, zero gravity and weightlessness can be simulated. There are full mock space stations and various training zones so astronauts can simulate missions that will be conducted at the International Space State, SpaceX Dragon capsule, or on any of the various space vehicles.

Space Center in Houston

5. Lunch with an astronaut

Every Friday the space center creates an event titled, “Lunch with an Astronaut” which is exactly that. Astronauts make public appearances and answer questions. While you may see astronauts going about their business and working while touring the facilities, you may not always recognize them or have the chance to talk to them. Because of this, it is very popular and enjoyable to have a chance to sit down and talk with them so people can ask more detailed questions and get their curiosities satisfied.

It is no wonder the Nasa center is a popular destination for many different types of people. If you or someone you know loves space and science, make plans to visit when you can!

Space Center in Houston
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