Give a High-Five to Reading Pleasure in Delhi


Who knew, there could be solace amidst the bustle! While the capital city buzzes with ear-chewing traffic and blaring speakers, it also houses some of the most tranquil auras, which make it perfect for a pleasurable reading experience. So, this time visit Delhi as a reader or a writer, and pack yourselves up, for a memorable experience. Nowadays, 'discounted airfares' is a buzzword, which highlights cheap Mumbai to Delhi flights, or pocket friendly Pune to Delhi flights. So, grab the opportunity fast and make way to Delhi.

Read. Read. Read Here:

  • When it comes to reading in Delhi, the ardent bookworms of Delhi will blurt out 'British Council Library' or the 'American Centre Library'. True, indeed. These very popular libraries of Delhi are standing in Connaught Place, for a long time. Well equipped with all kinds of books, magazines and journals, these libraries are much adored when it comes to a peaceful reading experience. Visit them and feel the experience for yourself. Besides being able to read in a peaceful environment, you are also bound to be motivated by so many other ardent readers like you, engrossed there, in their books.
  • How about a cup of Latte with your favourite Hardy's pick? Well, you must visit Ivy & Beans, a cosy book cafe in Shahpur Jat, which will let you soak yourself in immense tranquility and isolation and you can continue reading your favourite book for long hours. The place is also equipped with WiFi, so you can quickly lookup for an important e-mail. Try this place and give it a chance to woo you.
  • The reading pleasure exemplifies when it is experienced in the lap of nature and spirituality. The Lotus Temple makes it a perfect place for a bookworm to read a book. It offers an extremely pleasant aura, filled with lush greenery and solace. Itself, an epitome of peace; what can be more exhilarating than reading in this temple of peace! Elate your hearts with utmost bliss at this temple in Kalkaji, and have the most memorable joy of life!
  • Another Fine Day, in Gurgaon, will surely bring you more than just a fine day! Very popular among the reading buffs, this cafe-cum-reading store is a perfect place to munch a little and read side by side. The quaint aura is bound to give you an enchanting thrill, and enhance your reading pleasure. Must try it.
  • Humayun's Tomb is the epitome of serenity in Delhi. Though it comes in the ever-increasing list of tourist places in Delhi, it is an excellent place to sit amidst the verdant beauty of nature and bask in the other world of your book. One can not get up before completing the entire book. Such is the placidness of this place! Who knew, you might end up writing a piece or two, describing the charm of nature or the grandeur of the monument!
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