Glamorous Under Canvas Glamping – Luxury camping for everyone!

New destinations are popping up everywhere for luxury camping and there are not always in the wild or in nature. Deluxe comforts with a real bed and plush furnishing with attending stewards have been used on African wildlife safaris since the 19th century. Today we call it glamping which is short for glamorous camping. Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. This combines upscale camping and resort vacationing. What a way to go!

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New glamping destinations are everywhere these days and in a variety of locations and prices.

What is glamping?

Travelers love the offer of nature access without the need to chop wood, buy special camping equipment, sleep in the rain or on the ground. Many campers love nature and the outdoors, but also like the amenities of a hotel. Glamping is the answer for them.

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Nowadays people are looking for a retreat from the day to day grind, dreary workplace environment, and the constant invasion of the smartphone. They are searching for a way to disconnect from it all. Glamping is the best way to escape the realization of the world that we live in.

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These fancy tents are framed with artwork on the walls made of canvas, rugs on the floor, log-framed beds and very luxury duvets. Soon there will even be 2 or 3 bedrooms with 1 or 2 bathrooms structures. Most of these are tent based, but you can also find, tree houses, small lodges or cabins and mini trailers. Popular glamping site are expanding and are grouped together and may include daily breakfast and occasional dinners.

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Top 10 US Glamping destinations

With accommodation in a natural setting with luxury level service there are over 800 locations worldwide. There are those that are considered urban glamping that are set up in cities. Glamping NY: New York Harbor features 37 tents on the car free island. Other cities that are following this trend are:

  • Vail, Colorado
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Beverly Hills, California.

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Many of these urban glamping areas will be offering restaurants, offer massage services and equip some tents with their own bathrooms. Some will have furnished porches and wood-frame beds with 1,500-thread-count linens. I’m sure more luxury amenities will be coming in the near future.

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The most common glamping resorts are in the wild near national parks, like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. These tents can have wood stoves and attached bathrooms. They can offer campfire dinners, packed box lunches for the hikers, grilled and smoked meats. Many offer activities like horseback riding, gyms, kayaks and winery tours.

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Experience the nature

Experiential travel is an authentic way to connect with nature. The experience is about stepping off the beaten path and embracing an immersive cultural environment. By stepping out of their comfort zones, travelers experience a shift in the way they connect with the world. This transformational style of travel will enrich a person’s life and, leave an impression on then that will last a lifetime.

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Some call it luxury camping. Some call it glamorous camping. Either way, it is dedicated to inspiring and guiding those who are seeking a different kind of trip, a broadening of horizons, and a deeper engagement with one’s surroundings. Enjoying this upscale approach to sleeping under the stars is sure to make you a believer.

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