Grand Canyon Sightseeing Flights – Helicopter, Airplane Options for Labor Day Travelers

Labor Day weekend is almost here. This September, from the 5th until the 7th, millions of Americans will celebrate the last long weekend of the year. If you want to make yours the best yet, then why not take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. With Labor Day coming up fast, you'll need to decide on your tour package and make your booking within the next week.

Flying from Vegas

You will be able to choose from lading tours, and aerial flyovers, when flying from Las Vegas. My favorite Grand Canyon helicopters are those that land at the Canyon, especially the one that lands at the bottom, right next to the Colorado River. This tour is special because you will be treated to a Champagne picnic, and you can even add on a boat ride to explore the Canyon even further.

That's not all, though. You could even combine the bottom landing tour with a rim landing one. This will allow you to check out the sights from the top of the Canyon, and you will even get tickets to the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk. This glass and steel platform is suspended thousands of feet above the Canyon. To see the natural wonder from the air is one thing, but to actually step out over it, is an experience that you could never recreate.

If you're in a larger group or are looking for the most economical tickets, you could try an airplane tour. Although they can't land in the canyon, they follow the same routes as helicopters, albeit at a higher altitude. If you're looking to see the South Rim, however, then an airplane is the best way to get out to Tusayan in Arizona.

South Rim Helicopter Tours

If you start your tour from Tusayan, or even if you fly there from Vegas, you'll be able to choose from two helicopter tours. The first is a 30 minute tour that travels to the North Rim and back. The second, which I recommend, is an extended 50 minute tour. It takes the same flight path as the shorter tour, but includes an extension out to the eastern boundary of the Grand Canyon National Park. This tour covers so much that you will see almost 75% of the Grand Canyon!

Although you won't get to land inside the rim, you can take a Jeep tour from the South Rim. Try combining your ticket with the 2.5 hour 4×4 ride. Seeing the landmarks from the ground will offer you a new and exciting perspective.

Different Aircraft for Basic and Deluxe

Basic tours are the most inexpensive tours available. They use Bell Ranger and AStar helicopters. They provide excellent sightseeing, but if you have a little extra to spend, then it's worth booking a deluxe tour.

Deluxe tours are provided in newer EcoStar helicopters. These are purpose built for sightseeing tourism, and when you're in the cockpit you will feel why. The seats are stadium style bucket seats, so everyone gets an unobstructed view. These helicopters are roomier and they're quieter too, but the star of the show is the huge windshield, which provides unobstructed viewing for 180 degrees at the front of the helicopter. Deluxe tours also offer a limousine shuttle service, and they depart from the Las Vegas Strip.

Airplane tours are given on custom Twin Otter planes, which have seats for 19. Their windows are oversized to provide the best possible sightseeing experience.

Book Now to Secure Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tickets

Labor Day 2015 will be the busiest holiday until Christmas, so you'll need to book within the next week. Book online, because this will mean that you get the best deals and that you can confirm your seats on the day that you're planning to fly.

Grand Canyon helicopters provide memorable experiences, whether you choose a landing or a flyover tour. Plane tours are an economical option for larger groups, and flying out to Arizona from Vegas can offer you a side of the Canyon that can't be seen from Nevada.

Book soon, book online, and you'll be set for the best sightseeing adventures at the Grand Canyon National Park.

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