Guam: Six Best Tourist Destination In Micronesia

Tumon Beach Guam
Tumon Beach Guam

Guam is located in the Micronesia subregion of the west Pacific Ocean. It is the most significant region of the Mariana Islands and the largest in Micronesia. Hagatna is its capital city, while Dededo is one of the most populated regions. The Chamoru people were amongst the earliest settlers 3500 years ago, while Ferdinand Magellan was the first Portuguese explorer.


  1. Punta Dos Amantes
  2. Underwater world
  3. Cocos Island
  4. The Pacific National Historical Park
  5. Paseo de Susana
  6. Tumon Beach

Punta Dos Amantes, Guam

Punta Dos Amantes or To Lovers Point is a beautiful seaside cliff in Tamuning, a prominent cape situated in Tumon Bay and the Philippine Sea. This point is amongst the four National Natural Landmarks in Guam based on the folktale of two doomed lovers. Punta Dos Amantes is a popular tourist attraction. It features a limestone plateau, striking cliffs that rise to 370 feet.

Punta Dos Amantes
Punta Dos Amantes

Underwater world, Aquarium

The underwater world is the world’s longest tunnel aquarium and the only oceanarium in the US, Guam. It was opened to the public in 1999 and exhibited interesting underwater marine life. The aquarium contains about 2000 animals of 80 different species. Animals are more native to the region; the 319-foot-long is its main exhibit. Animals include stingrays, sharks, blacktip reef sharks, zebra sharks, green sea turtles, Moray eels, corals, etc.

Cocos Island in Guam

Cocos Island is encompassed within the Merizo Barrier Reef. The island runs for 1 mile, and it remains uninhabited mainly; it sits at the top of the coral reef of Cocos Lagoon. Some parts of the island have been dedicated as resorts with volleyball courts, pools, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and more. Visitors can take advantage of the outdoor activities ranging from diving, snorkeling, parasailing, biking, jet skiing, dolphin watching, etc.

cocos island guam
Cocos Island

The Pacific National Historical Park

The Pacific National Historical Park was established in 1978-a as a multi-unit protected park in the territory of Guam. This park made a significant contribution to the Pacific Theatre of World War II. Today the park honors the people who have lost their lives sacrificed in the Pacific Theatre. The Pacific National Historical Park has a layout of the former battlefields, caves, historic structures, gun emplacements, and the Washington Quarter.

Paseo de Susana

Paseo de Susana forms part of the Hagatna city, a small peninsula built in 1940a after World War II. a multi-purpose Paseo stadium was constructed here following World War II. Other attractions include a small dummy of the Statue of Liberty, Chamorro Village, and Chief Quipuha Park.

Tumon Beach

If you are interested in drenching your feet in crystal clear water and rolling over the silky white sands, this is the place. The idyllic waters invite everyone to take advantage of the watersports and admire the stunning views of the turquoise waters. Tumon Beach is also one of the best places to enjoy surfing in the warm waves, people watching, sunbathing, and enjoying open-air drinks on the beach. The beach area s a popular tourist area and usually remains crowded most of the time. You can rent a piece of snorkeling equipment or take a class for a snorkeling tour and discover the amazing marine life.

Tumon Beach Guam
Tumon Beach Guam

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