Hot 1-Day Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

The weather is warming up as we move into spring, so it's the perfect time to get back to nature. A Grand Canyon Rafting Tour can help you to enjoy the start of 2015 in a completely unique way, and with a number of adventures on offer I've rounded up two of the best.

Setting off on Your Adventure

The best float tours all operate from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. You can start your trip from the Airport in Tusayan, Arizona, which is right outside the entrance to the National Park.

For an incredibly scenic and affordable option your can take a tour that includes a bus from the South Rim to Page, Arizona. This three hour bus ride will take you through beautiful country including the Painted Desert and the Little Colorado River Gorge.

When you arrive in Page the bus will take the tour out to the Glen Canyon Dam, and from here you can start your adventure on the pontoon rafts. These rafts are designed for strength and stability, and each holds up to 19 people.

On the Float

Once on the raft, the true adventure will begin. You'll travel 15.5 miles along the water, marveling at the Colorado River and the canyon as you go. You'll even go right around Horseshoe Bend as you look up at 300ft canyon walls.

That's not all you'll see though, because you'll also stop off at some of the river's most beautiful beaches, eat lunch at one of them, and you can even take a small detour on foot to ponder the meaning of some beautiful and mystic ancient Indian rock art.

Of course you couldn't spend time on a Grand Canyon rafting tour without wanting to hop in to the inviting blue-green waters, so you'll be glad to know that swimming is encouraged at various stops during the float. Don't forget to bring clothes that you don't mind getting wet in, and make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and a hat for protection. As we get closer to summer it can exceed 100 degrees at the bottom of the canyon, so you won't think twice about taking a dip.

Authentic Souvenirs

At the conclusion of the float you'll take a climate controlled tour bus back to the rim, which is a blessing when the weather is hot. You'll also have the opportunity to browse the Indian handicrafts and souvenirs on offer at the Cameron Trading Post.

An Optional Upgrade

If all of the above sounds perfect to you but you want just a little more, then there's an upgraded tour that includes a flight over the National Park. The bus ride to Page will be replaced by a 60 minute air tour where you'll see landmarks like the Desert Watchtower, Imperial Point, and the Colorado River Confluence.

From Page airport you'll ride a jeep around Antelope Canyon, before joining the rafting tour at the Glen Canyon Dam. If you have some extra money in your sightseeing budget, the second option is highly recommended.


I'd love to see everybody take in the sights at the Grand Canyon National Park. In my opinion Grand Canyon rafting is rivalled by few tourist adventures, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you choose to take the bus and float tour, or the air and float tour, you will make memories that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

There are no swift currents or white water rapids at the part of the canyon covered on these float tours, so children as young as four can join you for the adventure. Even active seniors shouldn't hesitate to join an unforgettable canyon rafting tour along the famous Colorado River.

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