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Secrets of The Himalaya

Perched beside the River Sind and surrounded by forests of pine, fir, beech and sycamore, and with towering peaks lying all around, Sonamarg is a scenic mountain resort where travelers have often likened it to the Swiss Alps and the Canadian Rockies, but once they set their eyes on the town and its street, they realize that this is a place unlike anywhere else. Situated at a distance of 54 miles from the state capital of Srinagar the valley comes to life when a display of spring and early summer alpine flowers blossom and emerge from the snow clad slopes. Nourished by the Sind River that runs through the valley from the snowy heights of the Indian Himalayas the mountain resort is an adventure base for people who love to explore lake treks, glacier hikes, village walks, river angling and amazing mountain jeep safaris…

In to the white wild country..!

A popular destination among the snow and mountain lovers, Sonamargis covered with a beautiful sheet of snow in the peak winters and is a sight to see and experience. The continuous snowfall means that everyone can enjoy spectacular views of the mountains thatare known for its winter wildlife and showcases some special highlights which the summers never see. In summers the Himalayan black bears and blue sheep are found in the higher reaches and come winter one bigger fella joins in – The elusive Snow Leopard – For his home in the winters is harsh nonetheless.

Tulips& Mountains:

A fusion of green forests, fresh water lakes and flower gardens, the advent of spring marks beautiful blooms and landscapes of the Kashmir valley. Add to it the tulips which as a unique flower shout out “spring” and bloom only for a short period of time. Travel to Kashmir and discover a garden boasting of 60 varieties of multi-colored tulips that resembles a beautiful carpet with hundreds of tulip bulbs on display. The flower rows are magnificent with countless delicate beauties lined in long lines that dance with the wind. Originating from the Ottoman Empire and introduced to Dutch merchants at the beginning of the 17th century, it has had a lasting economic impact from the Golden Age to the present day.

And while you explore the gardens, don't forget to stay at the Villa Himalaya – a charming boutique hotel nestled in the mountains of Sonamarg and home to a generous list of dwellers and travelers around the world.

The hotel offers unique activities that include a village walk, angling, off track bicycling and a glamorous picnic basket. The Villa Himalaya has 15 rooms with a mix of Balcony and Deluxe double rooms and is priced at INR: 6500 /- for 02 with breakfast and complimentary high speed internet access.

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