How A Hotel Differs From ‘bread And Breakfast’

To those of you who think that 'Bread & Breakfast' translates exactly as their words denote, you could be wrong in terms of accommodation.

For instance, if you get a 'bed and breakfast' in Central London, you are actually going for an accommodation which provides you a comfortable stay for a couple of nights and breakfast the subsequent morning.

So how is this different from a hotel near Oxford Street in London? Here are some important differences which you need to know between a hotel and 'break & breakfast' in a region:

  • Size Of The Space:

A 'break and breakfast' type accommodation is usually a lot smaller than a full-fledged hotel. They would generally accommodate lesser people than hotels and would have limited amenities.

Hotels are generally larger in size, with different kinds of rooms and more facilities than its counterpart.

  • Staff Functionality:

Hotels are usually filled with a large number of staff members. They perform a variety of tasks such as room service, washing of the linens, operating banquets, cleaning the rooms, luggage haul and attending the guests as they check-in.

In comparison, 'bread and breakfast' type accommodation usually contains a smaller and more intimate group of staff, who are mostly concerned with welcoming the guests and get close to them. They do not normally perform sterile tasks as the hotel staff.

  • Meals:

Breakfasts are complimentary meals in a 'bread and breakfast' at a place. However, hotels near Buckingham Palace may not always provide free meals, unless they mention it beforehand.

In hotels, the complimentary meals are usually continental including bread, fruits, yogurt, cereals and similar others. Many of these have dedicated restaurants and chefs, where you can get a meal of your choice or their specialty.

Against this, a bread and breakfast will offer you a full range of meal, including meats, eggs or whatever is available.

  • Quality Of Stay:

An extravagant living always costs much- you are acquainted. If you wish to obtain the most modern facilities with high-quality services, hotels would be the best for your stay.

However, if you are OK with your normal, home-like living conditions and wish to spend money on some other elements such as travels and shopping etc., 'bread and breakfast' are not too bad a deal. It all depends on your choice and demands.

On the bottomline, both the hotels and 'bread and breakfast' have their own benefits which the travelers could take into account. It all depends on their choice of living and priority of spending.

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