How to Choose The Right Aircraft Management Company?


Are you looking for a right Aircraft management company? Do you want to hire a company which can offer you right services (including ground handling at airports in India)?

Below is a discussion of some of the criteria which are most appropriate when deciding which aircraft management company to work with:

Common criteria

1. Safety:

Safety should always be the No 1 criterion. If a company doesn't secure an owner, then there's no need to go further.

2. Management fees:

Here're some questions to ask about the company's pricing:

  • How does the company charge for its services?
  • What fleet discounts will it offer to its clients?

Owner-Specific criteria

1. Specific airports:

Many owners have specific airports they wish to fly into. Also, there may be a preference for landing or taking off at specific times of the day or night.

Such concerns need to be discussed with the aircraft management company, in case the company's internal procedures restrict access to certain airports.

2. Flight & duty day limits:

There may be specific long legs the owner expects to achieve in one day.

Let the aircraft management company know, so that its staff members can determine how their suggested flight and duty limits apply to those legs.

3. Unique structure:

Often an owner's aviation attorney will start a unique ownership that is somewhat complicated.

An owner needs to make sure that the company deals with the additional difficulty from a procedural point of view.

Not every management company can.

4. Service delivery:

Some owners want to be very involved with their crew and they freely communicate with its members. Other owners don't want to deal with the crew at all.

They prefer to have staff that takes care of all planning & scheduling details.

An owner needs to make sure that his or her preference for crew involvement in the service delivery matches the aircraft management company's internal procedures.

5. Airport fuel costs:

What fuel discounts does the company have in place at the airport?


Aircraft owners need to spend some time thinking about their unique aviation requirements. So they can come up with their own decision criteria.

Such criteria need to be documented. So they discuss with each company to know the best fit.

If you do this, then you can avoid unpleasant surprises, and it's likely that the aircraft management relationship will be a success.

This way you can get better service including aircraft management, crew management, and ground handling at Airports in India.

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