How To Live Cheaply In Australia

I made a lot of money while living here, in fact I earned so much that I took four months straight off from work. Beginners traveling to Australia usually have problem because they are not correctly informed or they visit all the wrongs spots and also spend their money foolishly. Here a few reasons that will prove this myth wrong that Australia is an expensive country.

Camp Out

Even though staying at hotels seems to be a great idea but if you want to keep your money save then you have to take a break from them. Try camping once in a month for a week you can buy a tent for $15 – $20 and camp a few nights with spending any money. Many campsites have showers and toilets, plus some of the campsites are near places where you can even get a part time job.

Eat For Less Money

If you really want to eat out then I would suggest that you should head for the pubs that offer $10 steaks. One of the tricks I followed for food was that I kept a note on pubs that offer cheap huge meals. I found mostly the cheap meals were offered at the lunchtime, so eat your lunch at pubs, while for breakfast try MC and Hungry Jack as they offer free refills, for dinner you can try the food trucks of in Australia they offer good food and for cheap.

Get A Work Visa

Well I never understood this that people who have work visa for Australia why don't they work there, I met several travelers who said we are here for a few months so we will just relax Duh. I mean come one if you getting the chance then avail it even if you aren't on work visa in Australia you can still earn thousands of Australian dollars if you just do odd jobs.

Coupons And Vouchers

I have come across several travelers who even don't bother picking up the fliers and brochures present at the airports, pubs, hotels, grocery store, tourist centers etc. I kept picking these brochures and fliers as I came across vouchers and coupons that could help in saving tons of money. At times there were a few bars who also placed deals like pay $10 for your meal of choice and get a free beer, well deals and offers like this one are pretty good.

Never Visit Nightclub After 10pm

Did you really travel to Australia just throw your money at expensive night clubs? I remember that I made a rule for myself that I will never stay at a nightclub after 9 or 10pm because prices usually go up after 9 particularly on weekends. Instead I will suggest that you grab a couple of beers from the local store and sit with your friends.

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