How to Make Your Cabin Feel Bigger on Luxury Kimberley Cruises


Kimberley boat tours are a fantastic way to see the sights of this amazing region, but even the most luxurious of vessels can be limited for cabin space. Although you may be planning to spend your time on deck or participating in day trips, it is still nice to return to your own sense of space. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to make your cabin feel more spacious.

Don't Pack Too Much:

This may seem obvious, but when planning luxury Kimberley cruises, some people go a little crazy on the packing. Bringing excessive amounts of clothing, accessories, and shoes is a massive waste of space that will make your cabin feel cluttered and smaller. Try to pack smarter, planning for clothing items that can be worn repeatedly and that take up the minimum amount of space. If you have items of clothing that tend to crease badly if they are not carefully hung up, leave them behind in favour of more simple items that can be washed and worn.

Look Out For Hidden Storage Spaces:

Cabins on many boats are planned to provide storage space even in areas you don't expect it. You may find additional storage space inside ottomans, behind vanity mirrors or under the bed. These hidden storage spaces will allow you to get more of your items out of the way to allow your cabin to feel bigger.

Keep It Tidy:

Even if you are planning action packed Kimberley adventure cruises, there is still always a little time to keep your cabin looking neat and tidy. Of course, no one is expecting you to conduct a massive spring clean on your holiday, but no one wants to live in a room that looks like a laundry bomb has exploded. Take a little time to hang your clothes and use your empty suitcase to store any smaller items under the bed. This will make your cabin look pristine and feel more spacious.

Make Use of the Natural Light:

Natural light is a boon for interior design, making smaller spaces feel larger. If you have a balcony or sea view cabin, try to keep the blinds or curtains open when you are in the room, so it feels brighter and larger. Just remember to close them if you are planning on showering or getting changed.

Choose Your Cabin Carefully:

If you are worried about having enough space, take a little time to carefully choose your cabin and vessel. Most Kimberley boat tours are smaller and less formal than large cruise ships, but you can still look out for more luxurious vessels and cruises. This could allow you to choose a cabin that feels larger and more spacious for your trip.

If you are interested in luxury Kimberley cruises, you should speak to us. Ocean Dreams offers a myriad of Kimberley adventure cruises and boat tours. Our team would be delighted to help you to plan your ideal break so you can explore this fantastic region.

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