Indulge in Some Exciting Activities With Barbados Holidays

A gorgeous island country located in the North American Caribbean region, Barbados is renowned for its charming beaches and turquoise bays. Its capital, Bridgetown was included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in the year 2011. The island was a former Spanish colony and was later colonised by the British. It became an independent state in the year 1966 with the British monarch as its hereditary head. Numerous tourists, mainly from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America visit this island every year to explore its fabulous offerings.


Best time to enjoy Barbados holidays

The best time to enjoy cheap Barbados holidays is during the period between July and November. Although this time of the year carries the possibilities of storm and several rainy days, you can stay at any of the swanky resorts with the room rates reduced by nearly 50 percent. If you choose to visit during the period between May and June, you’ll have comfortable daytime temperatures to indulge in your favourite outdoor activities. During this season, the hotels and resorts are also willing to reduce their room rates by a considerable amount. From December to April, Barbados experiences its busiest tourist season and the hotels and resorts double their room rates.

Barbados snorkeling

Barbados snorkeling

Best places in Barbados

Your Barbados holidays would give you the opportunity to visit some fascinating attractions of the island. Among them are the beautiful beaches such as the Crane Beach, which has vast stretches of pink-coloured coral sand. It is visited by plenty of tourists, cruise travellers and locals alike. Another interesting place to explore is the village of Bathsheba, where you can witness large rock formations in the sea while visiting the beach area. Your visit to the Andromeda Botanic Gardens would give you the chance to witness various species of tropical plants that were brought from different parts of the world.

best time to enjoy cheap Barbados hotels

While enjoying your cheap holidays to Barbados, you can try some thrilling outdoor activities to get the right doses of fun and adventure. One of them is the glass-bottom boat rides, which allow you to have a glimpse of the marine life underwater. If you don’t like to be drenched in water, you can remain on the boat and watch the aquatic beings through the large glass panel. Waterskiing is another activity you can enjoy while holidaying on this marvellous island. You can go on a long trip through the crystal-clear waters with the kayaking tours offered by the local tour operators.


Barbados also gives you ample opportunities to pamper your taste buds with the delicious varieties of its local cuisine. One of them is Cou Cou and Flying Fish, which is prepared using fresh okra and cornmeal grain along with stewed flying fish and added ingredients like garlic, onion, pepper, and tomatoes. While on the go, you can try ‘cutters’. This is the favourite local snack made using a delectable salt bread filled with egg, fish, ham, or pork, and served with a small quantity of Bajan pepper sauce. You’ll also relish the fish cakes, which can be found on the menu of all the restaurants and street-side vendors.

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