Kanha National Park – How to Book Jungle Safari in Advance?

For Kanha Park Safari, one can easily book safari tickets. The online safari ticket booking system has been offered by the Madhya Pradesh State Forest Department. You can easily check the availability of tickets and pay online to book safari ticket with this booking system. In order to book safari ticket, you have to pay entrance fees to seek permission for entry. However, it doesn't include vehicle rent and guide fee. One can pay guide fee at entrance gate and hire vehicle in advance.

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The park management has launched an open bus (Canter) to enjoy jungle . It is a cheap option to enjoy but it doesn't include elephant ride for Tiger Show. The forest officials charge for elephant ride on the spot which is optional. You can also book elephant safari in advance but it is very expensive and one has to seek written permission of park's field director. To avoid separate booking of Guide, Entrance and vehicle, you can also book safari in the national parks in Madhya Pradesh through resort or booking agents. Basically, booking safari through resorts is more expensive than shared safari which is offered to the guests on exclusive safari.

One can easily book exclusive park . The authorities offer the guides in the park who are fluent in Hindi and English languages. To enjoy the drive, foreign visitors are advised to have a guide who is also an English speaking naturalist who has proper knowledge about the park and animal behavior.

Why Tiger Safari?

Generally, we visit national park with some of the pre-set plan and we often expect to spot some of the prominent animals like tigers. We often visit tiger reserves with mindset to spot them as well as the wilderness. If they are not seen, safari has no value. We often go for safari without having anything in mind and we coordinate with guide and get all the important information offered by them. One can easily find something extraordinary in each step. Nature is not all about seeing, but feeling.

When enjoying safari, you can observe how far human race has survived and traveled since its evolution as well as the gap between our daily life and nature. In short, you can connect with nature again. Jungle safari will introduce you to the adventures of the jungle and bring you to another world which is left far behind by us. You will also realize what we have been missing up in our urban setting.

Driving Instructions

Drive carefully and slowly. Driving in the jungle is different from driving in open highways or city traffic. Drive steady and slowly to avoid disturbing animals and maintain proper distance for photography. Wild animals are not used to witness vehicles all the time. Some animals may be crossing the path in relaxed or in hurry. They may be standing on the track or move ahead of your vehicle.

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