Kashmir Mesmerizing Destination Gulmarg

Heaven on Earth! Many mesmerizing attractions show us how heaven actually look! One such heavenly attraction in India is Gulmarg! Located at a distance of around 55 kilometers from Srinagar, the northern tip of India, an enchanting and appealing city, Gulmarg is a part of this heavenly location! Check out our exclusive Kashmir tour packages to have the best retreat.

Snowy slopes covered with beautiful pine trees; blossoming valleys with vibrant flowers; snow clad hills; blissful meadows and lush green deep valleys; it is a lot about the mesmeric and charming nature, beautiful nature. Rejuvenate your senses, soothe your nerves, unwind in the captivating hills surrounded by nothing except the bliss of nature! All you need is to pick from the Gulmarg vacation packages.

Since it is a part of Srinagar, we designed your Gulmarg tour packages covering the important attractions in Srinagar! In fact, most of the Gulmarg tour packages commences from and ends at Srinagar.

Don't miss out experiencing the nature walk in the gardens. You will be amused to take a relaxing walk amidst the aromatic and colorful blossoms! Fly away from the hectic life and plan your visit to Gulmarg.

We have exclusive Gulmarg vacation packages for adventure lovers! It is one of the important places in India for the adventurists! If you want some spine-chilling experience, try it at Gulmarg. Skiing? Skating? Trekking? Cable Car riding? and what else you need? The Kashmir travel packages cover it all!

Looking for a perfect honeymoon destination? Don't miss out the Gulmarg Honeymoon packages! When Mother Nature bestowed a location with her bliss, it is definitely a best place for the couples to enjoy their stay! Soothing serene nature covered with greenery and snow with dash of flowers! What else you need to have some romantic time with your partner?

Gondola ride is the major attraction of Gulmarg! It has the Asia's highest and largest cable car project! The cable car ride takes you to a great altitude, where you can experience spell-binding moments watching the mammoth Himalayas! Also, it is one of the best skiing destinations in the world!

Briefing out a few travel packages designed by our experts.

Essence of Beauty – The package starts and ends at Srinagar, cover all major attractions of Srinagar, Pahalgam and of course, our very own Gulmarg! Prepare to embark the journey that provides feast to your vision and relax your mind with interesting recreational activities. Not to miss the visit to the saffron fields at Pahalgam!

Exotic Honeymoon Tour – Expect something you never dreamed in the Kashmir honeymoon packages. Srinagar boat house, skiing amidst the huge snow-clad hills, ice-skating and lot more activities planned for the couples!

Gulmarg, Srinagar with Vaishnavo devi – Club your holiday retreat with gaining spiritual experience at Maa Vaishnavo devi temple.

You will be captured by the breathtaking beauty of Gulmarg! The memories stay forever. The charming beauty unfolds in different dimensions and multiplies every moment you spend there. Have refreshing and memorable holiday.

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