Kausani – A Tranquil Paradise Perched On The Himalayas

Known for offering majestic and soul-refreshing vistas of the great Himalayas and the valleys below, Kausani is a small heaven on earth. It is one of the most nature-blessed places in India and there are only a few Himalayan places that match the natural beauty of the town. Originally called Valna, the place was inhabited by indigenous villagers who are primarily engaged in activities like farming and breeding cattle. The average altitude of the town is about 1890 meters above the sea level which explains the temperate climate of the place. Most of the days are cold; particularly during winters the temperature drops quite low. Summers, on the other hand are moderately warm, making the perfect settings for a trek or nature walk.

Almora, the eponymous headquarter of the district as well as the nearest commercial city, is about 52 k.m. away. Almora itself is a popular tourist destination in North India and is a popular access point to Kausani. Majority of backpackers who visit Almora also visit Kausani. Quite different from Almora, which is often crowded by tourists, Kausani is more quiet making it perfect getaway from the chaos and noises of typical daily life.

Kausani Tourism

The town is situated atop a ridge in the midst of thick pine forests. To one side of the town lies the Someshwar valley and on the other side lie Baijnath and Garur valleys. The town is most-known for its undiluted natural beauty and offering the panoramic views of the sky reaching summits of the Himalayas. Additionally, the place is also home to multiple ashrams, of which the Anashakti Ashram is the most popular one. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, stayed in the ashram for a brief time period where he wrote a commentary of the Anashakti Yog. Captured by the scenic settings he also called the place the “Switzerland of India”. Kausani also takes pride for being the birthplace of Sumitranandan Pant, who is a renowned poet of Hindi literature. A museum dedicated to the life and work of Sumitranandan Pant has been constructed in the place. It is called the Pant Museum and is a key tourist spot. Apart from the works of the poet, the museum also archives the works of other poets, authors, dramatists etc. The museum is also a prime landmark of the town and is easily accessible. Plus, there are some good 3 Star hotels in Kausaniin close vicinity to the museum. These hotels are ideal options to pick from, if one seeks conveniences.

Kausani is small town and it doesn't take much time to explore and unravel it. The best way to explore the town is to go places on foot. Besides, one can also hire taxis and rickshaws. To name some of the most popular places to visit: Baijnath Temple, Lakshmi Ashram, Anashakti Ashram, Rudra Hari Mahadev Temple, Kausani Tea Estate, Rudradhari Falls,Kot Bhramari Temple, and Pinnath.

Although modernization in Kausani is at its earliest stage, yet there is no shortage of hotels. Most of the hotels are situated in the market area, which is a bustling place in the town. Simply pick from the hotels in Kausani with ratesthat best suit your budget.

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