Khandala, a Beautiful Hill-town Offering Perfect Holidays in India

Khandala, a beautiful getaway located close to the commercial capital of the nation, Mumbai, is definitely one fine destination to unwind and spend a refreshing holiday. This little town sits on the top end of Bhor Ghat, a beautiful valley in the Western Ghats in the state of Maharashtra, and is a cool, beautiful hill station in the state of Maharashtra. It is about 3 km from Lonavala, which is considered as the sister of Khandala, and 7 km from Karjat. Ideally Khandala and Lonavala go together when tourism is in consideration. Both of them, together are the extravaganza of adventure, action, and countless sightseeing points that are sure to give one a memorable journey of the regions.

The hill town, Khandala has long been the popular weekend getaway for the locals of Mumbai and Pune. For them, it is a perfect escapade from the madness of typical city life. Replete of world-class scenic spots and receiving a pleasant weather year-long, the town is usually flocked to-the-neck by the hordes of visitors. It is for this region that sometimes it becomes hard to get the peace of mind in this tranquil hill town. Sightseeing is the foremost reason for people to visit the hill station. Besides, it is a perfect place to retreat, meditate, practice Yoga, and find some adventure. The good thing is that the hill town is still pretty much unspoiled by the pollution. However, some asserting effects of the downsides of modernization are already visible.

Khandala, by all means, is a beautiful quaint hill station. It is among the best hill-stations that the nation has. Blessed by the nature in abundance, the hill-station is replete of hidden waterfalls, thick-virgin forests, misty hills, serene meadows, and rich & diverse species of flora and fauna. To state the fact, each lookout point in the hill-town is magnificent and give a unique view of the region. The tourist spots in the town that are not to be missed at any cost include: Duke's nose, Karla Hills, Lohagad Fort, Sunset Point, Rajmachi Fort, Tiger's Leap, Korigad Fort, Tikona Fort, and Bhushi Lake. Apart from sightseeing the town is also a hub of a couple of outdoor activities. The enchanting hills of the town demand immediate action. The trek trails in the town are some of the best trekking routes in the nation. Besides, cycling on the curvy roads, long walks amidst the nature, picnic, and hitch-hiking are some of the popular activities among the tourists.

Complementing one's sojourn trip of the hill-town are the excellent accommodations in Khandala. There exist a couple of good hotels in Khandala with priceand accommodation that suit many. There are the hotels that belong to the uber-luxurious hotels category to the hotels that belong to the humble cheap hotels category.

Ideally one's trip of the town is short, so the mid-range hotels in the town that offer the value for money accommodations are best stay-over options to consider. The Dukes Retreat, Kumar Resort Lonavla, Fariyas Resort, Highland Resort, and The Adarsh Hotel are some of the high-rated hotels in the town that one may choose to consider.

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