Las Vegas Helicopters – Valentine’s Day Feb. 14 Tours to Grand Canyon

Valentine's Day is this February 14. Do you have something special planned? A trip to Las Vegas and a Grand Canyon tour can turn the average date, into a spectacular romantic adventure. Just remember that this is one of the busiest times of year, so you'll need to book soon to secure your seats, and the best ticket prices.

Las Vegas Tours

Flying from Las Vegas is special, because even before you get to the Grand Canyon, you will fly over the Hoover Dam and its reservoir, Lake Mead. This is the perfect sight to get you excited for the Canyon. You can choose air-only tours, or tours that land at the top or bottom of the West Rim.

Because it's going to be Valentine's Day, I recommend the deluxe helicopter tours. These depart directly from the Las Vegas strip, and they include a limousine shuttle service. These tours also perform a flyover of the Las Vegas Strip, allowing you to see all of the landmarks in the brightest city on earth.

The best thing about deluxe tours, is that they use state of the art EcoStar 130 helicopters. These are the largest helicopters that fly to the Grand Canyon. They're roomy inside, have stadium style seating, and feature a huge panoramic viewing windshield. You will have the best possible aerial view in these helicopters.

Romantic Picnic Tour

Hands down, my favorite tour at the Grand Canyon is the landing tour at the West Rim. This will take you right into the Canyon, setting you down at the bottom, where you will toast the occasion with a Champagne picnic. This is absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day.

At the top of the Canyon, there's also the Skywalk. This is a specially engineered glass platform that extends 70ft over the edge of the Canyon. Oh, and it's also 4000ft above the bottom! Looking down from this platform is definitely an experience, and an amazing photo opportunity. There are professional photographers on site to capture the moment, which would make for the perfect Valentine's memento.

Even if you can't stretch your budget to the landing tour, make sure that you book one of the deluxe air-only tours. The flyover is impressive and unforgettable, and you still get the Las Vegas flyover, as well as the limousine service.

Booking Early

Tours are in high demand, so you will need to book soon. The deluxe tour is the most popular, so if you want the VIP treatment, book at least two weeks in advance. The longer you leave it, the more chance there will be that the seats are booked out. It is possible to make last minute bookings, but these come with ticket price increases, so booking early is the way to go.

The weather at the Canyon will reflect the weather in Las Vegas. Helicopters are climate controlled, so wear at least a sweater if you're taking an air-only tour. If you will be landing at the canyon, take a jacket with you.

South Rim Tours

The South Rim begins in Arizona, but you can fly there from Las Vegas on a one hour airplane journey. Here, you can either tour the South Rim in an airplane, or purchase tickets for a deluxe helicopter tour. The helicopter tours are preferred, because they fly at lower altitudes, and you will have the best views.


Now that you know what is available, you can plan the perfect Grand Canyon getaway from Las Vegas. Valentine's is the perfect time to travel, just remember to book early, and to get the best prices, complete your transaction online with your credit card. Deluxe tours are the best way to treat your significant other, but almost any Grand Canyon air tour will make for a special trip. Choose one that works for you, and I know that it will be your best Valentine's Day so far.

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