London South Catteries – A Better Home Away From Home For Cats


Catteries are the commercial house of cats. They are generally of two types; boarding catteries and breeding catteries. When a cat is unable to stay at it's owner's house, they are temporarily shifted to boarding catteries. These are used by owners who are away from their houses say on a holiday, or are planning to move their house in the coming times. These boarding catteries are also used during some building work or when the owner feels like incapacitated.

United Kingdom has the highest number of boarding as well as breeding catteries in the world. These are necessarily licensed by the UK government and work on the welfare principle of cat where these animals must be adequately looked after; otherwise the owner of the cattery may face legal action by the law.

Then a breeding cattery is the one where cats are bred say as a hobby or on a commercial basis. Breeding catteries sell cats for profit.

London South catteries are a genuinely self-governing resources for cat owners. London catteries are a gift to all cat lovers and cat owners. These catteries are a nursing area for cats and deal with all sorts of problems and issues related to the welfare of cats. London South catteries contain all sorts of useful information required pertaining to the health of cats, their dietary habits, their welfare needs and much more. There are some large catteries in London with a large number of veterinary centers so as to overcome the worries of cat lovers and cat owners.

London is a beautiful place, and the people over here admire cats as a beautiful pet friend. This is why London has got some extravagant large catteries in the world. As technology is getting much more advanced and improved, in the present times, there are a large number of websites that throw information on local veterinary centers and other information relating to cat health, cat welfare and much more.

The magnificent catteries that offer better services can be searched online. There are a plenty of directories that are available that provide information regarding catteries in any part of London.

A boarding cattery need to have all these broad features:

  • All due care needs to be taken about the hygiene and cleanliness. Ventilation, lightning, temperature etc. must be adequately taken care of while planning to board your cat in any one of the London catteries. The accommodation must be suitable in terms of its construction.
  • Care should be taken that the cats are adequately supplied with suitable food, drink and bedding material, adequately exercised / stimulated, and (so far as necessary) visited at suitable intervals.
  • The other necessary point that should be kept in mind is that all rational precautions will be taken in order to prevent and control the spread among cats of infectious or contagious diseases, including the provision of adequate isolation or quarantine facilities.
  • There must be suitable measures or steps to be taken for protecting the cats in case of fire or any other similar emergency
  • It is very important to check whether the cattery is a registered one. It is equally important to give all sort of description of cats, their date of arrival and departure, and the name and address of the owner; this is required so as to make anytime inspection possible by an officer of the local authority, vet or veterinary practitioner authorized by the local authority.

There are a large number of Cattery South London. The best one can be chosen following the directories available online.

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