Making a Quick Check-in with Indigo Ticket

It was not long ago that IndiGo entered the Indian aviation circle. This young carrier started its operations in the latter half of 2006, and has now become one of the most preferred airlines among the Indian flyers. This carrier is considered one of the best low-cost carriers (LCCs) in Central Asia that focuses on offering affordable tickets to a larger section of the society. Though a major part of the population now prefers air transport, there are still some issues that constantly displease travellers. One of these aspects is the time consumed from check-in till boarding the flight. However, while flying with IndiGo ticket, travellers save time as well as money by following the following tips.

Buy Tickets Online

In these modern times, anything and everything can be done with a few clicks while sitting at the coffee table. Like any other aspect of human life, travelling has also been hugely affected by the recent developments in the information technology sector. Days, when people had to wait in long queues or pay high amounts to a travel agent, are now far behind. From online travel agencies to the web portals of airlines, travellers can now use various means to book air tickets. Just by entering a few details on these portals, travellers can get their hands on the IndiGo ticket print within a few moments.

Travellers looking to purchase tickets with IndiGo airlines can use any of the aforementioned options. Apart from being time-effective, these means can also help in saving money. Various airlines and online travel agencies (OTAs) offer attractive deals and discounts, especially for online ticket buyers. Using the IndiGo ticket printout, travellers can also check-in and receive an online boarding pass.

Check-in Online

Checking in has always been a time-consuming activity for travellers. Earlier, they had to be at the airport at least three hours before the flight departure. However now, with the technological advancements, they can easily check-in online from the comfort of their homes. This option proves to be of great help to the travellers who travel with a strict schedule. IndiGo allows them to check-in online two to 48 hours before the flight. It is an easy process and anyone with the basic knowledge of internet can use this facility. Just by entering a few details from the IndiGo print ticket travellers can complete the task in just a few minutes.

The option also allows passengers to receive IndiGo boarding pass via electronic mail, which in turn saves more time. Another significance of the web check-in facility is that people, who are selective about their seating arrangements, can conveniently choose the seat of their preference without having to rush to the airport. It also saves travellers from standing in long queues at the check-in counters.

Be Updated about the Baggage Allowance

Airlines have different rules relating to the baggage or luggage allowance. Travellers have to be updated about these conditions as some airlines charge a high price for any baggage that exceeds the free allowance limit. IndiGo luggage stipulations depend on whether the flight is domestic or international. While IndiGo baggage allowance for domestic flights is 15 kg per adult/child, travellers can carry free of charge luggage up to 20 kg during their international journeys. Travellers should also consider the rules relating to the carry-on luggage. With IndiGo, flyers can carry the baggage of up to 7 kg with them, and the dimensions of this baggage should also not exceed the 55*35*25 cm limit.

By following these easy steps, travellers can make their air travel a delightful and memorable experience.

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