Maui Sunset Cruises Review: What Makes them Special?

Maui Sunset Cruises: What Makes them Special?

There is a reason that Maui is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, there is a lot to do and a great deal to be seen. One of the things that you really don’t want to miss during your visit is the sunset, it is much more spectacular than it is at home. The best way to see the sunset in Maui is by taking a cruise so that you can see it from offshore.

Maui sunset cruise review

The biggest reason that a sunset cruise in Maui is so special is the spectacular sights that you will see during the cruise. Maui is widely believed to have some of the best sunsets that you will see anywhere and the best way to see them is by taking a cruise. Most evenings you will see a bright orange sky as the sun goes down, and it goes down quickly at these latitudes. The setting sun will then disappear into the water which will result in what are known locally as green flashes. The sunset that you will see in Maui is very different than the one that you will see at home.

Maui Sunsets

Maui Sunset Cruises: What Makes them Special?

Maui Moon Rise

While the setting sun is an impressive sight it is not the end of the show when you take a sunset cruise in Maui. The rising of the moon is also a sight to be seen. The best times to take a cruise are on the nights when a full moon is rising as these will give you the best show. As the moon rises it changes the color of the clouds and a rainbow starts to appear. This is followed by the stars starting to appear in the sky which just adds to the experience.

Maui moon rise

Obviously you can see the sun set in Maui from pretty much anywhere but a cruise is by far the best way to see it. The interaction that the setting sun has with the beach is something that you really can’t see while you are standing on the beach, you have to see it from the water to really appreciate it. The best sunset cruise in Maui will take you out just far enough that you are able to see the green flashes and the changing colors of the beaches. This will allow you to get the best possible view and see the widest range of colors from the sunset.

There are obviously a lot of companies that offer sunset cruises around Maui, this is largely because of the huge demand for them. Many of these companies offer a lot of amenities on board to make your trip more enjoyable. This will usually include drinks and in some cases even dinner. Make sure that you check what is offered by the company that you are considering going with so that you can make sure that you are getting the cruise that you expected.

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