Memorable Movement of Beautiful Monasteries

Leh at a height of 11500 feet offer visitors a unique experience snow capped mountains sand , hills, rivers and Buddhist and Islamic culture is just the beginning of what you can expect in ladakh.

The history of Ladakh dates back to Mahabharata times when pandavas took refuge near Draupadi kund. Be ready to re-conquest the roads of silk route.

Hotels have been coming up slowly in leh starting from a small guest house to very recent the luxury hotel The Zen ladakh. If your choice is centre of leh and want best services do for Hotel Lasermo. Although hotel date back to 1980's. The hotels still offer the best service and bigger room then rest of its competitors.

There are many monasteries' in ladakh to visit. Among one of the best of hennis fort monastery. It is believed to exist even before 11th century and this year Naropa Hennis festival will be celebrated in July.

At least 300000 visitors are expected to attend the festival. Hotel Lasermo has a special package for this festival. Hotel has a fleet of 16 cars moving it possible for travellers to book their cars on cheaper rates.

There are many places to see around ladakh. Frankly speeking you need at least a month to experience whole ladakh. Some of the places you may visit are…….

lamayuru situated 03 hours from leh lamayuru literally means moonland. The scenic beauty of lamayuru is very similar to what you will find on moon.

Do not miss this pace if you want to see moon like surface very beautiful. On this to see like magnetic hill. This is point on road where there are some gravitational forces which pull the vechile on its own when the vechile is without a driver on slope. You may do rafting on sangam which is meating point of 02 rivers Zanskar and sangam. Please contact for hotels or packages. Booking of ladakh. Alchi is the next point if you want to see the oldest monestiry of ladakh.

Pangong Lake- This lake is situated 160 km from leh. You will have to cross changla pass at 17800 feet. Changle is coust dered as third highest motorable road in the world. Pangong Lake is 120 km long and is shared by china and India together at 70:30 ratios.

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