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New Bern, North Carolina is located just 112 miles east of Raleigh and is the second oldest town in North Carolina. It once housed the state capital for a short time during the American Revolutionary War, so as expected, it's full of rich history. The downtown areas around the Tryon Palace are full of historic homes and real estate. The palace was once the home of British governor William Tryon. The palace burned down in the late 1790's, however, it was rebuilt using the original plans and on the original foundation as a tourist attraction.

Walking down past the Tryon Palace and historic homes that line the streets, you will eventually come to the original pharmacy where Pepsi-Cola was invented. Caleb Bradham developed a recipe called “Brad's Drink” and sold it at his drug store here. He later renamed the drink to Pepsi Cola, named after some of the ingredients he used in the recipe. You can still tour and visit the original pharmacy right in the middle of downtown New Bern.

Continuing on down you will eventually come to the New Bern waterfront. Here the Neuse and Trent rivers combine to form a large body of water before it continues out to the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches. Some magnificent real estate and waterfront homes can be found throughout the shores that border the rivers. If boating or sailing is your sport or recreational pleasure of choice, you are in luck. A marina is located right downtown and can be accessed easily by walking. During the Christmas Holidays, a flotilla parade with boats decked-out in Christmas lights is always a highlight for New Bern residents.

If you like historical buildings, you are also in luck. The downtown area has had many of the old shops renovated and the upstairs converted into condominium units and townhomes. These provide the look at feel of historic New Bern with the added convince of modern amenities on the inside. Many of the shops are still open down below and are run by people who enjoy arts and crafts in their spare time. They live above in the condo units just like they did in the old days.

In conclusion, New Bern offers a wide array of recreational activities and interests that just about anyone is bound to enjoy. Taking a day trip to the New Bern and Havelock area won't be a disappointment. Making it your home is also a smart choice with all of the real estate options in the downtown area.

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