Pakistan Tour Tips For Skardu And Islamabad

Before you go searching for tickets and hotels, keep in mind that two weeks are not enough to see all of Pakistan, or even half of it. With this itinerary you would be able experience a small portion of the country’s top travel destinations which are mostly on the Northern and North eastern region.

But fret not, for the reason that these places are surely going to blow you away with their beauty, mystery and culture. Due to low tourism and development most of Pakistan still remains quite non-commercial and pristine, giving travel lovers the chance to just wander and explore on their own terms.

Karimabad to Skardu

The fascinating route of Karakorum Highway from Karimabad takes six hour drive to reach Skardu. Skardu is again an unbelievably beautiful town located at the confluence of River Shigar and Indus, which separates the Karakoram mountain range from the Himalayas. Skardu is very popular with tourists as it features four of the world’s 14 highest eight-thousander peaks including K2, attracting trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world.

Skardu Fort is one of the main attractions here as it dates back to the 8th-century and was built by the the Moqpon dynasty rulers of Baltistan. Another spot worth visiting is the Shigar Fort, located on the trek to K2. Shigar Fort is around 400-years-old also known as Fong Khar, which translates in the local language to the Palace on the Rock. The Royal living areas of the Raja of Shigar are renovated and used a magnificent guest house and a museum of Balti culture. If you can, try to spend a night here and imagine what it were like to be royal 400-years ago.

Skardu and nearby areas

Use a 4×4 vehicle to head towards the plains of Deosai and lakes like Shangrilla, Satpara and Kachura. The journey to Deosai plains take around three hours one-way through paved and dirt roads. Satpara Lake is on the way here, at about 45 mins distance. Once in Deosai you can take some rest by Schesoar Lake and just enjoy the view with some snacks. Later when you head back to Skardu try to visit the famous Shangri La or Lower Kachura Lake, this is about 32 kms from Skardu.

Fly from Skardu to Islamabad (and luckily) to Chitral

There is a one-hour flight that goes daily from Skardu to Islamabad and if you are lucky, or plan accordingly you may land in the capital on one of the two days when the flight to Chitral is scheduled. If so, you can head over to Chitral through this hour-long flight and avail the chance to drive to the mysterious valleys of Kalash directly which are about three hours’ drive from Chitral. Kalashi people are said to be descendants of the soldiers of Alexander’s armies and their colorful clothes, unqiue culture and animistic religion are a source of global fascination. You could spend in any of the three Kalasha valleys and then head back to Chitral in the evening.

If you are not able to catch a flight to Chitral you could explore Rawal Dam and the Lake view park or head to the nearby archaeological site of Taxilla.


Islamabad will be your final destination and you could find your flight back to your next adventure from the Islamabad International airport. If you have more time, you can visit the Lok Virsa or the Cultural Museum or you can rest in as you will probably be tired and in need of refreshing from the intense travelling on your last day of your travels in Pakistan.

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