Plan Your Next Trip Precisely If You Want To Experience A Mediterranean Climate

So, if Australia is the country you chose for a memorable trip, you should make sure to visit one of the secluded cities of the continent which is also the capital city of Western Australia – Perth. The place is serene and calm, completely opposite to what a metropolitan city and a capital should feel. It is situated on the sides of River Swan which flows right through the middle of the city providing a fresh and tranquil atmosphere all throughout the year. Not just the river but, you can also witness sandy beaches and plunge into the ocean to relax your body and soul. The best way to take a tour around the city is by hiring a taxi in Perth which is present in abundance throughout the city.

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This place can be visited at any time during the year as it has a Mediterranean climate which means that the place experience more sunny days than chilly winds. To be precise, the place experience 300 days of suns and pleasant cold accompanied with some precipitation. If you are to visit the place and enjoy its tranquillity, autumn and spring are ideal when the temperature stays enjoyable devoid of any drizzles.

Perth International Airport

Perth International Airport

Transportation in and around Perth

There are a number of ways to conveyance in and around the city. All of the destinations are conveniently connected through a number of ways. So, you shouldn’t find any difficulty in reaching the different tourist spots. The place is well connected through train, car, bus, flights and ships. The transcontinental locomotives connect the metropolitans to Perth. One can also take a pleasant suburban train ride to reach to different places around the city. After spending a lump sum on a tour, it really feels great when you get a free treat.


You can avail a free bus ride from Newcastle Street to Kings Park where you don’t have to purchase a ticket. These buses ply in between free transit zones. Other buses are also available for intercity travel. The capital city is well connected to all other parts of the world through domestic and international flights. One can also avail connecting flights to different cities without any hindrance. As the airport is situated within the city, you will not find it hard to reach your hotel. You can avail any of the transports to reach your destination from the airport.

Perth Wildflowers

By seaways, there are innumerable ships and cruises plying from different parts of Australia to Freemantle which is the closest port to Perth. You can take a boat ride on the Swan River and experience a serene environment and glance at the different port areas. You will also get a glimpse of different flora and fauna inhabiting the banks of the river. For intercity comfort travel, hiring a taxi in Perth will be ideal. When you are new to town, it is better to rely on the trustworthy cab service as there are high chances that you may end up lost in a completely new place. Hence, a private cab is good to reach the destination.


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