Say Salud to Playa de Las Americas’ 3 Best Nightlife places!

Say Salud to Playa de Las Americas' Best Nightlife

Salud amigos! Exams are over, your teachers have returned to their bookshelves (or wherever they go after exams?) and it’s finally time to let your hair down – you’ve earnt it this year! There’s nothing quite like a holiday in the sun to make the most of your new found free time.

Greek party islands, Berlin basements – you probably think you’ve heard them all, but for the nightlife lovers in-the-know, Tenerife is where it’s at this summer season. The largest Canary Island is having it even larger this summer with a carnival of creative clubs presenting the world’s best DJs. So what are you waiting for? Tenerife transfers operate 24/7 to get you and your mates off on the trip of the year.

Playa de las Americas
Playa de las Americas

Playa de las Americas is the party centre of the island with a variety of lively clubs packed throughout the summer months. Accommodation can be found at a reasonable price and often include a pool. Drinks are also cheap and young people dominate the town from 10pm onwards. With all this taken into account, it is little wonder that Playa de las Americas is one of the biggest party centres in the whole of Europe. For those looking for a break from the partying, never fear; the area is also famed for its beautiful coast and cultural history. That said, here are three of the best clubs.

1. Tramps Tenerife

Tramps Tenerife
Tramps Tenerife

Voted the best club on TripAdvisor in the Canary Islands (yes, clubs are on TripAdvisor now) Tramps Tenerife offers a totally terrific line up of House and R&B music all year round. The summer season is without a doubt the best time to get your groove on at Tramps. The space has an impressive capacity of 1500 and 3 rooms to boot. Each room features a different genre and is regularly full. House fans can find their home in room one, while R&B is the jam in room three. British tourists can feel at home here with UK Grime an unbroken feature at Tramps.

2. Monkey Beach Club

Monkey Beach Club
Monkey Beach Club

This discotheque is as fun as its name suggests. The beach club is situated on golden sands next to serene waters. Partygoers can expect to find a chic wooden interior giving a real tropical vibe to the place. The stage is remarkably big for the size of the bar and is graced by a series of great acts throughout the season.

3. Papagayo Beach Club

Papagayo Beach Club
Papagayo Beach Club

We’ve saved the fanciest for last with this beach club paradise. The plush white loungers and wooden terracing give this beachside residence a seriously luxury feel. It’s the kind of venue where you could imagine seeing James Bond sipping a Martini whilst leaning casually on the extravagant bar. Papagayo is, therefore, the ultimate way to add a bit of splendour to your summer holiday. So get your glad rags on and head on down to a sensational night of fireworks, cocktails and banging tunes.

How to Get There

Flights to Tenerife from the UK take an easy 4.5 hours. The best way to kick off your holiday is to pre-book Tenerife transfers to and from the airport. This will ensure a zero-hassle introduction to what will be a party-packed holiday.

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