Seven Family-friendly Things To Do In Red River New Mexico

Everyone out there knows how hard it is to travel with kids. There are so many things to take into consideration that just don’t come up when you travel with a significant other or if you’re flying solo. Bedtime schedules, finicky appetites, & fairly self-centered behavior really make for a rough trip. This isn’t to say that traveling with kids isn’t something you shouldn’t do. You just need to be aware that your vacation planning has to be really on point.

As you sit down & start planning your next family vacation, it might be a good idea to start with Red River, New Mexico. This mountain town is the perfect embodiment of everything you’ve ever wanted from a vacation destination without the hoopla of so many more popular areas that are close-by such as Taos, NM and Angel Fire, NM. Red River has activities all year long, which means you can visit anytime and still get the best it has to offer. How many mountain towns can say that?

Red River, New Mexico

Here are some highlights:

Mountain Heights – Check the Rocky Mountains off of your family’s “to do” list by simply being in Red River. The scenic view in all directions is breathtaking. In fact, your family will be nearly 9,000 above sea level! You also have Carson National Forest to play in (depending on where things stand politically at the time you travel).

Multi-Wheel Tours – Rev up for outdoor fun with Red River Offroad. Explore all that the area has to offer by way of UTVs, snow cats, horseback, & river rafting. It’s a smorgasbord of fun that is suited to the family looking to grab life by the horns.

Hidden Treasure Aerial Park – Zip line adventures with three levels of difficulty makes for high-flying family entertainment, and a grand finale called the Ultimate Descent will really test you. It’s not for the faint of heart, but you’ll have a blast.

Red River Ski & Summer Area – This place is an institution, and has been in operation for nearly six decades. If you’re looking for year-round fun for the whole family, look no further. You’re covered here for sure, and as the name suggests, it’s family fun all year long.

Searching for Gold – You can actually pan for gold in certain areas of Red River. Pioneer Canyon, Placer Creek, and Bitter Creek are known hotspots.

Red River, New Mexico

Red River Community House – This community “hang-out” has been part of the Red River scene since the 1940s, offering activities for residents and visitors of all ages.

Wheeler Peak Hiking Trail – Don’t think of it as exercise. When you’re on vacation, you’re exploring, and no family exploration would be complete without a major find. Cue a hike to Wheeler Peak, whose elevation is over 13,000 feet. It’s about four miles each way with an elevation gain of almost 3,000 feet.

Red River, New Mexico may not be the first place you thought of for a family vacation destination, but it sure may be the last.

Red River, New Mexico

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