Seven Reasons to Consider Kimberley Cruises


If you are planning a cruise, you may find that you are overwhelmed with your options. These days, it is possible to see almost every area of the world from the comfort of a cruise ship. So, why should you spend your precious holiday time in Kimberley? Here are just seven reasons why it should be on your “bucket list.”

A Taste of True Wilderness:

In the modern world, towns and cities have encroached on nature around the world. However, Kimberley is one of the last true regions of wilderness that remain untainted in the world. There is a fantastic array of flora and fauna which are unique to the region.

Ancient Art:

The Kimberley is also home to some of the oldest examples of artwork in the world. There are examples of rock art that scientists believe could be older than the recorded dates of examples in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Great Climate:

The Kimberley region also provides consistently predictable weather. This means that you don't need to pack for every type of weather, so you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

Breathtaking Landscapes:

Whether you want to take some phenomenal photographs to show your friends back home or you enjoy the exhilaration of a nature walk and coming across spectacular scenery, The Kimberley is the perfect spot for your break. There are some breathtaking landscapes and natural phenomena including Montgomery Reef, Horizontal Falls, and the Bungle Bungles.

Incredible History:

If you enjoy a glimpse into the past, you will find the Kimberley region fascinating. The area has a rich history from the time of the original Aboriginal inhabitants through to European explorers.

Amazing Water Holes and Waterfalls:

Most Kimberley cruises will include a visit to water holes and waterfalls to allow you to experience the pleasure of bathing and swimming in this unspoiled setting. Just be sure to pack extra swimmers when you are planning for your cruise.

Access to Remote Areas:

Finally, another reason to consider Kimberley boat cruises is that it can provide access to remote areas. There are a number of natural sights that can only be accessed from the water. While there are some national parks that can be accessed by jeep trails, the best way to see the Kimberley region is by boat.

If you are considering Kimberley coast cruises, you should speak to us. The Ocean Dreams team would be delighted to discuss our range of Kimberley cruises to help you to plan out your dream holiday.

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