Sites That Speak of Shimla’s Splendid Past

If you are relying upon the various Shimla tour packages to spend your upcoming long summer weekend in this city, then expect to see and visit the few popular destinations and spots of the city. However, if you wish to explore the city at your own pace, and time, and if you are a history buff, then don't you wish to know what precisely does the legacy of Shimla hold? Well, the following places in Shimla tell the story of this beautiful city's glorious past, and the reason why it has such an English charm till date.

The Gaiety Heritage Complex

Situated in the centre of Shimla, this vintage theater is some 120 years old and is a standout amongst the most established centers of society in the country. Its Victorian Architecture attracts various voyagers towards it. The confounding building houses a meeting lobby, a historical museum, a multi-purpose theater, amphitheater and an uncommonly old theater. This place is today famous for its various social exhibitions that happen frequently and attract a lot of footfall.

Vice Regal Lodge

Formerly the residence of the British Viceroy of India, the Vice Regal Lodge, today is commonly known as the Rashtrapati Niwas among locals. It is located on the Observatory Hill of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Its foundations were laid in 1880 and the whole structure was completed in 1888. This spot, which has now been converted into the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, once served as the summer retreat for India's Viceroys in the midst of the British Raj.

Himachal State Museum

Atop the Inverarm Hill in Shimla, you can spot the Himachal State Museum, housed in a provincial building. One needs to climb up at a stature of 1500 m to get to the museum. It has a vast collection of anthropological things, centerpieces and numismatic finds on display. It moreover, houses a quaint collection of bronze idols procured from the various Himalayan temples, contemporary oil paintings, etc.

The Gorton Castle

The design pattern of this historic landmark is a perfect blend of the English and Indian Style. There are awe inspiring network designing in the gallery of this building. The immaculately done networking is truly the standard design pattern of Rajasthan. Today, the Gorton Castle is the office of the Accountant General, and is made using extraordinary “Sanjoli Stones”. The roof of this structure enhances the whole look as it is made with red tinted iron sheets.


This age old building is also called the Raj Bhavan, in which the Vidhan Sabha Assemblies are held today. The building was created in the year 1886 and was built by Lt. Col. H.E.S Abbott in the midst of the British Rule. In the year 1967, the building was taken over by the lawmaking body of Himachal Pradesh and the epic “Shimla Agreement” summit was sorted out at the Summit Hall of this very building. One of the epic places to visit in Shimla, the Ellerslie truly speaks of the foundation of the Shimla of modern times.

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