Smart Ideas to Get Discounted Hotel Rates While Travelling

If you want to travel spending less- be smart and don't overpay at the hotels. You need to know some tricks and tips to enjoy your trip and your stay in a hotel without having any guilt. From booking to find out whether any hidden discounts available or not, you can save a lot of money by knowing all the details.

  • Business Hotels:-Business hotels seldom offer great deals which are value for money. Actually business slows down a little during the weekend and summer months and so does the number of business travelers. This may lead to lower tariff plans.
  • Hire a Corner Room:-Corner rooms are made in such a manner that they get square footage. So if you book a corner room, you are benefitted paying the same price.
  • At the end of the day, check-in:-At the end of the day, the managers of a hotel get a good idea about the occupancy, therefore if you check in at that point of time, you are more likely to get upgraded offers.
  • Call the Hotel Directly to reserve a Room: – People who are working at the hotel always have a better idea of occupancy and they are able to upgrade you. So despite calling at the office, give a call to the hotel directly.
  • Book your hotel and flight together:-This plan can lead to saving a lot of money for you. Find out if there is any such deal and for this, both ticket booking and hotel booking can get cheaper than usual.
  • Sign-up for Loyalty Programs for the hotel and websites: –If you sign up for some hotel through the hotel directly or through some booking website, you are likely to get some extra services and benefits on each visit.
  • Activate the Alerts:-If you sign up, the hotel will notify you when the price or the room rate drops through e-mails and messages.
  • Install Travelling Apps:-Install travelling apps and they are going to provide you some top-notch discounts on room rates. Even during weekends, get rooms at very cheap rates.
  • Go for New Property: – Try to book your rooms at some newly opened hotels as they tend to keep the rates low in order to promote their hotel and increase their business.
  • Mention the Special Occasions: – If you are travelling on a special occasion like birthday, anniversary or honeymoon, don't forget to mention that. This help to have upgrades and some great amenity kits to make your stay more memorable.
  • Refer to your loved ones:-You can refer a particular hotel to your friends and family and when you visit the hotel, in most cases, they give you bonus points against your referral. It decreases the rates of various hotels like Purulia Hotel rates, Kolkata Hotel Rates etc.
  • See what the credit or debit card has in its store:-Some banks offer cash back or discounts if you make your payment at hotels through the cards of their bank. Be well aware of those offers.

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