Special Traits That Make Myanmar an Ideal Touring Destination

Myanmar is one of those unique countries of Southeast Asia that have successfully preserved its native cultural traits besides embracing the facets of modernity. With magnificent natural attractions, rich cultural diversity, colourful customs and mouth watering cuisines, this country seldom fails to cast a spell on the visiting tourists. Travellers, who desire to witness the true Asian charm and the simplicity of Indochina, should definitely think of visiting Myanmar at least once in a lifetime.

On terms of tourist attractions, Myanmar is highly different from the other tourism giants like Thailand and Cambodia. Myanmar might not offer unending nightlife like Thailand or present jaw-dropping archaeological wonders like Cambodia, still what it has is enough to charm the tourists. The following are some of the special traits that make Myanmar an ideal touring destination indeed.

Mesmerizing Temple Cities

Myanmar is a home to magnificent temple cities and travellers who want to experience history coming alive should visit destinations like Mandalay and Bagan. Bagan was referred to as Pagan in the past, and it works as the hub of the countries primordial culture. It shelters more than two thousand temples and stupas that are located along the banks of the Ayeryarwady River. Most of the religious monuments and the pagodas located in this region were built almost fifteen hundred years ago and such they present the reminiscences of the long forgotten first dynasty of Myanmar. The tourists can also find several popular pagodas and temples in popular cities like Yangon. For instance, the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock) of Yangon is a must visit site for any traveller visiting Myanmar. Opting for the Myanmar tours from popular tour organizers will help the tourists to visit these destinations.

Scenic Beaches

Very few foreign tourists are aware of the fact that Myanmar is a home to popular beaches, as well. Starting from the mesmerizing NGWE SAUNG Beach, which is located near Yangon to NGAPALI beach of the Rakhine State, there is no end of surprises for beach lovers in Myanmar. The tourists can opt for various recreational activities while visiting these destinations. The best thing about these two beaches is that they are largely void of tourists.

Smiling Natives and Mouth Watering Cuisines

Myanmar presents an exclusive inventory of mouth watering cuisines which are sure to satiate the taste buds of the travellers. Some of the must try dishes of the nation include Mohinga, Stuffed Tofu, Burmese Biriyani and many more. Besides tasty dishes, one aspect, that makes travelling around Myanmar special, is the presence of the smiling natives. Natives of Myanmar are highly popular for their hospitality and simplicity. One can witness the native lifestyle and customs of Myanmar by visiting destinations like Inle Lake.

Myanmar tours become largely convenient and hassle free if one opts for an expert tour organizer. Renowned tour operators often shelter competent local guides who ensure that one gets to enjoy the vacation without worrying much about the other aspects.

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