Terrific Getaways From Mumbai

It's September, Monsoon has faded from several parts of the country. It can be true for Mumbai also. For this tinsel town, downpour means power failures, traffic and delayed transportation services. Hence, repeated rains and unwanted rains may not be a surprise for the people coming in with flights to Mumbai.

All these places are situated close to Mumbai. You can either choose to return back in a day or be lost in these places for a weekend. Come, with us!


A dreamy town, favourite among the Indian community and the people of Mumbai is frequently visited by couples and families. Located within an hour from Mumbai, Lonavla turns ravishing during monsoons. The lush greenery emits a new life and the waterfalls get riveting. There's nothing like a hot cup of tea and some snacks. With tickets to India, you can explore Karla and Bhaja Caves and experience nature therapies. Few other places to visit are: Lonavla Lake, Shivaji Udyan and Ryewood Park.

Malshej Ghat

A perfect hideout and a ravishing escapade during the rains, Malshej lies among the majestic Sahyadri ranges and this place is circled among the lush green hills and cascading waterfalls. The drive to these ghats is filled with scenic views, enchanting valleys and tranquil lakes. The valleys are home to abundant bird life and flora and fauna, bringing in frequent flights from London to Mumbai. Right before and after the monsoons, you can take part in several outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, bird watching as well as relax in some adorable resort.


Enveloped in the dense forest in the bosom of the magnificent Sahyadri mountains with the gentle Amba River flowing in all its beauty, Durshet offers a pleasant atmosphere and a balmy atmosphere for a quick getaway from the city life of Mumbai and Pune. The place overflowing with waterfalls and if you are adventurous, then rock climbing, trekking, river crossing, rappelling and other things are at your fingertips.

Mulshi Dam

Within 3-hours drive from Mumbai, you get to perform a one day escape from the busy city life. The dam is built on the Mula river and it is a major source for generating electricity for the state of Maharashtra. During the peak rainy season, the dam is can be seen flowing torridly and the fog creates a marvellous outline against the sun. You can capture all of this with flights to India.


If gushing waterfalls and a green surrounding enthrals you, Karnala is the place, quite close to the Mumbai city. Whether you wish to go for drives or treks, Mumbai offers a magnificent view of the Sahyadri Ranges. Bird-watchers can admire some exotic bird species at the Karnala Bird Farm.

Thoseghar Falls

At the Satara, the Thoseghar Village brims with amazing waterfalls in various heights. The Thoseghar Falls is reputed to be the best near Mumbai. The environment is calm, picturesque with a peaceful lake and total silence. Thoseghar Falls is an ideal place for a picnic and even a refreshing swim.


With flights to Mumbai, when you imagine of a weekend holiday among a thriving green atmosphere and coldness in the air, what can be better than Matheran? It is calm and quite and the journey to this heavenly spot is extremely thrilling. With a heritage train ride and touring the town on a horseback, you will have the best time of your life. The place is dotted with 30 captivating places including Charlotte Lake and the ancient Pisarnath Mahadev Temple.


Distinguished as Mini Kashmir, Tapola is a tiny settlement of Mahabaleshwar. Due to its natural beauty and unswayed natural landscape, it's an idyllic spot to visit close to Mumbai during the downpour season, when the whole region is painted with greenery.

With Mumbai flights, admire astonishing vista of the largest dam in Maharashtra – the Koyana Dam. Kas Pathar is a must visit for its breathtaking bed of flowers after rains. Do not forget to marvel at the Shivsagar Lake, a major attraction in Tapola. You will love the water sports here. There are also numerous strawberry farms and nurseries around Tapola. Hence, without wasting another second, head over to this quiet, scenic place near Mumbai during the monsoon season and have a gala time!

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