The Best Way to Explore Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a place where you will find unity in diversity. It is known for the varied biodiversity and conservation of nature. If you wish to be a part of it and explore the diversities then you need to work with CR Vacation Properties.

Why select us from the rest

You may be thinking why to select us when there are so many tour operators organizing such tours. Yes, it is a prudent question. As you read through you will be able to understand why to select us. The vast experience that we have with all of the local tour companies have made us the one whom you should select.

The customization of tours: This is a unique aspect of our tours. It does not matter what nature of tour you want to enjoy. We have made possible to arrange any nature of tours for you. Be it the trek via the dense Costa Rican forests or tan you at the beautiful beaches we have made arrangements to organize such trips as per your desire and wish.

So, now you can easily understand why you should be selecting us from the rest.

The varieties of tours that we make available

Our uniqueness also lies in the varieties of tours that we make available for you. Let us have a look at some of the tours so that you can understand what nature of excitement you can expect to have by being part of our tours.

Vacation Buggy Jungle Waterfall: Would you like to explore the many waterfalls that are there in the Quepos& Manuel Antonio area? If you wish to have such an excursion then this is the best tour that you can have. Only providing private tours for you and your friends or family, you can travel comfortably with us through the jungles in very custom open “jeep limousines” and relax at the waterfalls. You can sip your favorite beverage while passing through the palm plantations, having a look at the crossing streams and enjoying the local food at the passing local towns.

Rafting Costa Rica- The Savegre River: This is another of our tours which you will like if you love adventure. You can experience lush green vegetation and magnificent scenarios while you have your adrenal pumped up by rafting along the rivers.

Zip Line Tours: You can have your adrenal flowing when you become part of this tour of ours. The 21 platforms, 9 zip-lines, rappel lines, a suspension bridge, and stunning walking trails through the jungle will provide you the desired adventure that you wish to have. There will be expert guides along with you who will guide you through the trail.

Night Canopy Tour: There are 16 platforms of which 12 are built 90 feet above the ground in the dense forest of Costa Rica which would be your place of stay for the night. Can you imagine the excitement and adventure such a tour will offer?

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